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I saw this tag on Gossiping with Dragons. I’m not sure where it originates but it looked like fun.

What Kind of Writer Are You?

A disorganised one? Genre-wise I’m firmly in the SFF camp, although I move around the subgenres a lot.

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Camp NaNo Wrap Up



I manged to reach my own target, which was to finish the basic editing on my current WIP. I’ve still got a little bit more to do — another round of searching out filter words, typos etc. but the draft is very nearly done.

My word count’s currently hanging at 68,100. Pretty low for the type of story I think, but it leaves space to add more depth after I send out to my CPs and beta readers.

I didn’t manage to get any planning for my next project, but that was only a bonus, unofficial goal anyway.

My cabin was pretty quiet, but not completely dead. It seemed like the four or five of us that used the chatroom were all in the same place, running to keep up. I didn’t want to volunteer for a really active cabin because I think word wars etc, might stress me out, but I think I’ll aim for a little more discussion next time around.

How did you get on with NaNo this month? Did you hit your goal, if not, how did you do?

Camp NaNo: Survival Kit

Participant 2017 - Twitter Header

Camp NaNoWriMo is running this month. I find Camp more relaxing than November, getting to set your own goal and chat to cabinmates. I’ve got my cabin sorted, and they look like a great bunch and I know what I’ll be working on—finishing my current draft and maybe planning a future project.

NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

Writing materials: I get ideas down better by handwriting with pen and paper (probably because I’m less distracted) but love using Scrivener to write it up because it makes organising my higgledy-piggledy writing easier.

Coffee and coffee shops: Coffee for the caffine, and the shop because I get more written out there, than with all the distractions of home.

Internet: Either my laptop or phone. for researching/ planning and chatting to cabinmates. I get so easily distracted from writing though that this can be a problem.

Snacks, Pepsi and more coffee.

Post-it Notes: More for planning than writing. I love Post-its for writing (and at my day job actually) and I use then to add new ideas in or to move things around. I guess I could also put ‘wall space’ here since thats where I arrange them all.


Are you do NaNo this month? What are your goals and projects? Do you lik the Camp cabin system?

Writing Post #1


So lately I’ve noticed that the pile of my TBR book is threatening to topple over and bury me, and also that I’ve not really got any book reviews scheduled ahead.

screenshot-2017-03-02-16-57-54I’m reading a lot less at the moment, not because I don’t want to but because I’m struggling with time management a little. I work full-time and I used to get through a lot of audiobooks while I worked. At the moment, I’ve moved office and the way things are, I’m just not able to do that. The reason I’ve been reading a lot less at home is that I’ve been trying to get a lot more done on my writing project.

Sooo… to I’ve decided to post some blogs about my writing, just to make sure I don’t lose the habit of keeping this blog active.

I don’t have a proper summary/ pitch yet but the gist is:

  • 1805 Scotland
  • YA – Mystery, Historical, Fantasy
  • F/F Romance
  • Bride of Frankenstein Retelling/ Sequel/ Thing
  • 1st person/ single POV
  • Current Length: 42,600
  • Target: I’d like to write 750 – 1,000 a day, and hopefully finish this draft in the first half of Camp NaNo, mid-April. We’ll see.

At the moment I’m at approx 40,000 and I’ve written a lot of the easy scenes and starting to fill in the more challenging gaps. I’ve also started to look for critique partners online to keep me accountable and motivated.

Any other writers out there have any tricks for staying motivated? Or does anyone have any strategies for finding more reading time?