Top Ten Cozy Reads

November 29: Cozy Reads (Share books that give off a cozy vibe, whether through atmosphere, setting, or some other factor. Please tell us why they’re cozy for you, too!)

I’m avoiding any and all cozy mysteries for this prompt (although some of these might be cozy-feeling with a mystery element?) because I’d end up with just those, and I did a TTT with cozy mysteries really recently. Instead, these are books that just feel really calming, very low stress, and give me the warm fuzzies.

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Top Ten Foodie Books

November 22: Top Ten Foodie Books

The official prompt is “Thankful Freebie”. As a non-American, the most exciting/relatable part of Thanksgiving seems to be the big meal and all the tasty food, so my freebie is going to centred are books that make me hungry, have a delicious descriptions, or a have a general cooking/eating vibe.

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Top Ten Cozies on my TBR

November 15: Top Ten Cozies on my TBR

The official prompt is: Favorite “Aww” Moments In Books (Share those sweet/cute moments in books that give you warm fuzzies.) but I really don’t have that good a memory and it’d just be a bunch of romances and me saying “the ending bit!”. So instead, I’m going to take that bit about “warm fuzzies” and run with it, sharing ten cozy mystery series I’d like to try out next year.

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Top Ten Unlikeable Characters

November 1: Unlikable Characters You Can’t Help but Love (These are villains, criminals, jerks, etc. that make you fall in love with them anyway, perhaps because they evolve by the end or they’re secretly wonderful and have been all along.)

I actually like a lot of ‘unlikeable’ characters, especially if they’re unlikeable because they’re determined or particularly pragmatic. There’s also a few that I like without any real redeeming qualities, but who are just so fascinating to observe they’ve won a place somewhere in my heart.

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Top Ten Typographic Book Covers

September 27: Typographic Book Covers

(Book covers with a design that is all or mostly all words. You can also choose to do books with nice typography if that’s easier!) (Submitted by Mareli @ Elza Reads)

I thought this topic would be so much easier! But it turns out I have a lot fewer purely typographic books on my shelves than I’d have thought! (No doubt I’ll suddenly remember a few dozen once I see everyone else’s lists) So I’ve went with the second option, and picked out books with very nice typography, lettering that catches my eye, and lettering I think really suits the story or flows with the rest of the cover design.

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