Top Ten Books with Animals on the Cover

Top Ten Books with Animals on the Cover

The official prompt is: April 27: Animals from Books (these could be mythical, real, main characters, sidekicks, companions/pets, shifters, etc.) (Submitted by Paige @paigesquared and Jennifer Y. @ Never Too Many to Read).

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Top Ten Spring Cleaning Freebie

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Spring Cleaning Freebie

(for example, books you’re planning to get rid of for whatever reason, book’s you’d like to clean off your TBR by either reading them or deciding you’re not interested, books that feel fresh and clean to you after winter is over, etc.)

Here are ten books, which I currently already own and have been on my shelves for a while. These are books I’d really like to a least give a try before the end of the year (although for most of them I’ve been saying that again and again.

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