The Sunshine Blogger Award

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I love The Sunshine Blogger Award, I have such fun seeing which questions and answers each round comes up with. I was tagged by E @ Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Her answers are really brilliant and you can go check out her Sunshine Blogger Award answers here. 

The question she’s come up with are great too, so I’m definitely going to steal some of them to pass on at the end. If I’ve not tagged you, please still feel more than welcome to consider yourself included and join in.

Or, just feel free to share your own answers in the comments!

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The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag

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The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag was created by Ben Sanders.

Who doesn’t love 90s cartoons? And combining them with book prompts?! I just couldn’t pass up this tag.

Let me know some of your favourite 90’s cartoons in the comments. Are there are prompts you think would go well with them?

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The Look BookCover Tag #2


The Look BookCover Tag is a brand new tag created by Cerys over at Browsing for Books. This is a pretty labour-intensive tag, so I’ve split the ten prompts apart. This is the second batch of five, you can find my first five here, and all ten prompts over at Cerys’ post. What I’ve found really interesting about doing this tag is that I’ve found the books I haven’t read much easier than the ones I have. Maybe because I don’t get caught up in whether the images actually fit the story as well as the cover? Anyway, these are such fun to do, I hope Cerys comes up with a second round.

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