Mythothon: Celtic Recs

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Find all the details about this round of the Mythothon readathon over in the Announcement and Prompts post.

As with every round of this readathon, you do not need to read mythology books, simply ones that fit the challenge prompts. However, I know some of you enjoy the extra challenge of using theme specific books into your TBR so I’ve found a few that you might be interested in. I’ve not read all of the books below, only some, so I can’t recommend which are most likely to suit you, but think of this as a starting place for your own research. Please do add any suggestions you come up with in the comments.

This is a mixed bag of Celtic mythology inspired reading — some are almost direct retellings of stories like Tam Lin (Scottish) or the Mabinogion (Welsh), while other are looser featuring creatures from Celtic folklore like kelpies and selkies. In fact, since the idea of ‘fair folk’, Sidhe and fairy deals feature heavily in Celtic folklore, you could probably use a lot of fantasy novels featuring the fae.

One element of Celtic mythology you won’t find here is Arthurian Legend. I felt that was a large and rather separate topic ( and hinthint might make for a Mythothon round all of its own).

Where a series would fit, I’ve listed the first book.

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Fantasy Recs, but Make Them Gay

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I’m a huge fantasy fan. Like, it probably makes up 90% of my reading? How can fantasy novels get any better? When they’ve got queer characters!

These are some of my favourites.

To keep this list short and sweet, I’ve been pretty strict. These only include secondary world fantasy — no historical, urban, or contemporary fantasy — and only include stories where the fantasy elements play a big part or is central to the story.

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May the Fourth: Space Recs for Non Sci-Fi Fans

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I often really love the idea of interstellar science fiction — the adventurous journeys, the potential technologies, the new cultures and societies — but I often struggle with  technical ‘hard’ science fiction or dense exposition.

So, I thought — for anyone out there in the same boat as me — I’d share some of my own personal favourite ‘light’ sci-fi with a space setting.

Some of these are closer to ‘science fantasy’ like Star Wars, others have a sociological rather than a technological focus. These are great choices for anyone looking to dip their toes into SFF or just looking for something a little different from the ‘traditional’ fare.

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Hit Your 2019 Target: 5 Books 55-Pages or Less

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We’re getting closer and closer!

Last week, I gave you 5 books under 75 pages to help you hit those pesky GoodReads targets before the end of 2019.

If you’re still frantically struggling to fit in a few extra books before the end of the end, here’s another five great books, the longest of which is only 55 pages long. You can read most of these in less than a hour.

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Hit Your 2019 Target: 5 Books 75-Pages or Less

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Trying to squeeze in those last few books this year?

As 2019 comes to a close, the GoodReads Challenge, and all our own personal reading goals, can loom large.

If you’re looking for a couple of quick reads to boost your stats this year, here are five great stories, each less than 75 pages, so you can finish each one in an afternoon.

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