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Musing Mondays

“What’s your most favorite “chunky” book? (over 500 pages)” – Books and a Beat

Ohhh! My first Musing Mondays question and it’s a four-way tie I’m afraid.



Top 10 Tuesday: Non-US Settings

“Ten Books Set Outside The US” From The Broke and the Bookish.

I read an awful lot of SFF, so I’ve only chosen books with real-world locations since adding Narnia, Middle-Earth etc. didn’t seem fair. I’ve noticed that there’s quite a few U.K. settings, which makes sense since that’s where I am, but I might come back to this prompt later and try for a full 10 outside the U.K. and U.S.

Image1.png (more…)

Top 3 Older Female Protagonists

I love SFF stories, and one of the most exciting parts is that anything is possible. Talking cats, magic potions, alien invasions – all awesome. Apparently though, growing older, especially if you’re a woman, is frowned upon.

Where are all the older female protagonists? Seriously. And I don’t mean the ‘Hollywood standard’ over-40. Or the even more ridiculous lists and articles claiming over-25’s in literature as ‘older’. I mean women in their fifties, sixties and beyond.

Vampires, elves and other ‘unaffected by actual ageing’ types need not apply.


Top 5 Father-Figures

There’s a whole load of really bad parenting in fiction (and in real life too, of course) but novels featuring really good examples of fathers and father-figures can be hard to find. In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, here’s a few wonderful dads you should read.