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#mythothon TBR


You might have seen a couple of weeks ago, my post announcing that I have my first readathon planned for next month. I’m really excited and I hope you’ll join in. There’s 25 prompts, a bingo board and two prizes up for grabs. Hopefully, it’ll be a great final push before Christmas preparations take over my life. If you’re interested in joining me, all the details are in this post.

Since I love over-planning my TBRs, I’ve been giving some thought to my own reading for the challenges. I should probably have thought of this before I announced the prompts, because some were really difficult for me! Haha! Because I’m a mood reader, this is a tentative TBR (which, as I said in the previous post, is totally acceptable) which should give me a lot of options and wiggle room. This is my third draft, because I’ve been so inspired by everyone else’s TBR. I think I’m settled on these now though…

I’ll be aiming for three bingo lines, but I’m not sure which yet.

So here’s my TBR plans.



#mythothon: Greek Mythology Suggestions


If you’re interested in joining me for #mythothon and haven’t checked out the announcement, all the details about the prompts and prizes are in this post.

For this readathon, the books you choose DO NOT need to be mythology related to count, they just need to fit the prompt. I wanted to keep #mythothon as accessible – and fun — as possible, so I didn’t want to make reading a lot of similar or heavy books a must. 

However, I know a lot of you might want to go that extra mile and use as many books inspired by actual Greek mythology as possible. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a selection I’ve either read and enjoyed or that I’ve heard really good things about. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments, and remember to post your TBRs so we can all cheer each other on when the readathon starts on November 1st.


#mythothon Sign Ups


Do you want to chat about books with Athena? Would your TBR pile make even Hercules’ muscles ache? Do you have a competitive streak to make Achilles wince?

Why not join #mythothon, a month-long readathon inspired by Greek mythology!


Sign-ups are open from now until November and will remain open throughout the readathon (latecomers are welcome!).

The readathon itself will run from 1st to the 30th November in your own timezone.

Please feel free to post Twitter updates, reading sprints, Instagram photos or just generally share how you’re getting on with the readathon using the hashtag #mythothon


SapphicAThon Sign-Up/ TBR


“What is the SapphicAThon, you may be asking? It’s a readathon I created that focusses on reading f/f romances! It runs for two weeks and goes from 12 am your time 14th to 11:59 your time 28th December.”

There’s all the information in the sign-up post, here.

Have you read any of these? Any you’d particularly recommend (or not), or have I got any down for the wrong category? Please let me know! 🙂


#TheReadingQuest Round Up

Read at Midnight‘s #TheReadingQuest Challenge finishes today. It’s been so much fun! Aentee’s challenges always have such a fun points or challenge system to them, I look forward to every one that she organises. Here’s all the books I manged to finish over the challenge, there’s been some great books (and a few meh ones…) and it’s encouraged me to pick up a couple which have been on my ‘to read list’ for a while. What I actually read changed a little from my TBR for this challenge, but I’ve still got some awesome sounding books left over, so I’m just going to keep going until I finish the board (7 left!) even though the challenge is officially over.