Classic Women 2020 Part 1: Evelina, Belinda and The Ninescore Mystery

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At the end of last year, I decided I really wanted to dig into classics in 2020. I challenged myself to read two classics a month, at least one of which was by a female author. I picked twelve women and created the Classic Women Reading Challenge. All the details are in this post. Check it out and feel free to join me!


I’m setting myself a personal target to try at least one novel by a ‘classic’ woman writer and at least one other classic (of any type/ author) each month next year. I’ll be combining my personal goals with some existing readathons: #Victober, #Georgianary, #ClassicsCommunity and #JaneAustenJuly. *Phew!*

I’ve picked 12 female authors who published work pre-1914. They’re all pretty prolific and pretty well-known — I think — so should be easy enough to find a good selection to choose from. 


From January to March, my classic female authors were Fanny Burney, Maria Edgeworth and Emmuska Orczy.

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#Hamilthon Round 2 TBR



The challenge is running throughout the entire month of March — 01 March to 31st March 2020 in your own timezone.

Find all the information over in the Announcement post here.

I’ve decided to play on #TeamBurr, so I’ll be reading five books for those prompts and then counting pages for whatever else I read next month too. There’s a couple of other readathons I want to take part in so we’ll see what books get added for those later.

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Simsathon Round 3: Get to Work TBR

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The third Sims-A-Thon readathon is being hosted by Kara @ biancareads from the 1st-31st March.

I love The Sims and I don’t get around to playing it nearly enough so taking part in this readathon really fills a spot for me!

I missed the first round so in Round Two I did the Starter Prompts from Round One and four of the six additional Outdoor Retreat prompts. Check out my TBR for that here. For this round, because I’m trying to keep to more reasonable TBRs this year (…hahaha sob…) and I have two other readathons this month — Hamilthon Round 2 and FemmeFanTale Round 3 — I’ve decided to ignore Get to Work for now (I don’t have this pack anyway) and focus on catching up with some of the Live Mode prompts from Round One.

MOTHERLODE: We can roll over points from previous rounds, so I’ll be starting Round Three with 24 points.

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#Hamilthon: The Election of 1800: Readathon Announcement and Sign Up


Welcome to #Hamilthon, a readathon inspired by Hamilton: An American Musical.


The challenge with run throughout the entire month of March — 01 March to 31st March 2020 in your own timezone.

Please feel free to follow the Instagram account (@hamilthon_read) and the Twitter account (@hamilthon_read) for updates throughout the month.

Use the hashtag (#hamilthon) so we can follow and RT your progress.

Announce your intention to join in or post a TBR which links back to this post, and add it to the link-up at the very bottom of the page.


If you had to choose
If you had to choose
Jefferson or Burr?

Once the readathon starts, submit your pages read here, to earn votes for either #TeamBurr or #TeamJefferson.

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A Daye A Month Readalong Wrap-Up

A Daye A Month (October Daye Readalong)

The A DAYE A MONTH READALONG ran on Twitter from January 2019 to January 2020.

We ran a monthly discussion thread (listed below) and a more informal group chat. I’d been tempted to start the October Daye series for a while, since I’ve loved every other Seanan McGuire (and Mira Grant) book I’ve picked up. But the long (at the time 12 book) series was a little intimidating. Luckily, there were a wonderful group of readers looking to start or continue the series along with me.

Yes, it’s a long series, currently predicted to end at book #17, THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS , with book #14, A KILLING FROST, coming out this year. But don’t let that put you off! It’s an amazing series! The books are incredibly readable and pacy. Personally, from book #3, AN ARTIFICIAL NIGHT, I was absolutely hooked! There are so many die-for-them characters and each story gets more and more dramatic, packed with adventure, layers of world-building and twisting relationships.

If you like to start the series (or continue) yourself, it starts with ROSEMARY AND RUE. You can always come back to this post and take part in the discussion thread questions — whenever you get around to it! I’d love to see your thoughts and opinions.

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