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#IronTomeAThon TBR

The Iron Tome A Thon is a readathon running throughout July, hosted by Bookshelves and Paperbacks. You can find all the details of the challenges in the announcement post here. I’m going to aim for the seven optional prompts then, if I’ve got time, I’ll just try to fit in as many adult fantasy books as I can. I do have a couple of other things I’m planning to read next month too, so we’ll see how I get on.

What do you think of the choices on my TBR?

For this readathon, I’ll be playing for #HouseStark! Let me know if we’re on the same team.



#IronThroneReadalong #AGameofBooksathon (Round 1) TBR


This month I’ll be taking part in two Game of Thrones inspired reading challenges: #AGameofBooksathon (which has 11 prompts and a team/House aspect) and #IronThroneReadalong (where we’ll be re-reading the whole A Song of Ice and Fire series over 34 weeks).


My #Hamilthon TBR


For the announcement and sign-up post for the Hamilthon Readathon — where you can find out all the details about how it works and the full list of prompts — click here.

I’ve not decided which of the five paths I’m going to take yet, so I’ve picked something out for each prompt anyway. I think I’m going to go for Alexander and possibly Jefferson though.

Are you taking part in this readathon?

Have you decided what you’ll be reading for it?

Have you read any of my choices? What did you think of them?


#Hamilthon: Readathon Announcement and Sign Up


Welcome to #Hamilthon, a readathon inspired by Hamilton: An American Musical.

The challenge with run throughout the entire month of March — 01 March to 31st March 2019 in your own timezone.

Please feel free to follow the Twitter account (@hamilthon_read) for updates throughout the month and use the hashtag (#hamilthon) so we can follow and RT your progress.

There’s also an Instagram account (@hamilthon_read) you can follow and tag for the photo prompts mentioned later on.

Sign-up by posting a TBR which links back to this post, and add it to the link-up at the very bottom of this post.


Retellings Reading Challenge Ideas and Suggestions

If you’ve had a look at my 2019 Reading Goals post, you might have noticed that I’ve signed up to take part in Cornerfolds’ Retellings Reading Challenge this year. I saw the challenge, and with how much I adore retellings, I knew I had to join in but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to read. My TBRs are always way off during monthly readathons, so I knew a year-long TBR would be impractical. Instead, I’ve put together all my ideas for each prompt, along with some recommendations of books I’ve enjoyed and think might fit.

Obviously, these could all change. Plus, the Goodreads group is going to have monthly group reads to vote on. So for those 12 books (whatever they end up being), I might just go with the group choice if I’m interested enough.

I hope that, if you’re tempted by this challenge, these might help you fill some of your prompts, and if you’re not doing the challenge, you might just spot some interesting looking retellings to try anyway.

## signifies a book I’ve already read. If I’ve reviewed it, this will link to the review. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just ones I’ve read or am considering reading. Any questions, let me know! If you’ve read any of the ones I haven’t – or have any other ideas – please let me know that too! There were a couple of prompts I really struggled to find a lot for – especially Native American and Egyptian Mythology. I think I have something picked for both, but I’d love more suggestions.

The book I’m leaning towards for each prompt — knowing that my TBRs never stay remotely on track — are in bold.


My 2019 Reading Goals and Challenges


These are my reading goals and challenges for the year as a whole. I’ve decided not to set a Goodreads goal for this year and focus on some more specific challenges I want to join or have set for myself. I’d also like to see if I can find an IRL bookclub in my area (that reads things I might actually like), so I might being doing that too. Some of these will overlap and some will overlap with the Devour Your TBR Group or shorter readathons.

I’ve no idea if this is realistic or possible since I’d like to write more too, but I figure January is the best time for over-inflated expectations.


My #mythothon Wrap Up (with Prize Entry)


Books Read: 25!! — I honestly can’t believe I managed it. I will admit though, I had a lot of changes to my TBR. I switched out a lot of the original list for more novellas, graphic novels etc. I also noticed that I read a lot more ebooks this month that I usually would. This was because I was on holiday for a week so I had airport, flight and sunbathing reading time.

Total Pages Read: 6253

5 Physical Books, 14 eBooks and 6 Audiobooks.

And just for laughs: 10 books (less than half!) were from my original TBR and only 8 books were from the original TBR and stayed on the same prompt. …Yup.

My full wrap up is below but, first, on to the prize draws.

If you finished any book for this readathon — even just one — click on the link and add a your wrap up post/ tweet/ whatever to enter.


If you managed to read all 25 books, also stick your link into this second rafflecopter for another chance at a prize.


Both winners will be able to pick any book up to the value of £15 GBP from BookDepository. I’ll announce them on my Twitter account (@foxesfairytale) on the 8th December so be sure to look out for it.