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Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag!


This tag has been around a lot of blogs, but I think it stated out on Wattpad? It’s old but I thought it looked fun.

Let me know what your answers would be!


Seven Deadly Sins



What is your most inexpensive book? 

I’ve no idea. I’ve been trying to make a point of using/ supporting my local library since I moved house, so those are all free. I also pick up charity/thrift shop books sometimes when I’m wandering around on holiday. If I like them, I’ll bring them back with me.



HP– Honoring the Dead Book Tag

harry potter

Thanks so much Dora @ Swift Coffee for tagging me!

Dora posted her tag a while back for All Souls Day/ Day of the Dead, which was a great fit, but I thought since everyone gets so into Harry Potter over the holidays, it’d work now too. I’m not going to tag anyone though, because I don’t think anyone needs the extra stress at this time of year, but consider yourself tagged if you’d like.

This tag originally comes from Books in the Skye.


The Look BookCover Tag #1


The Look BookCover Tag is a brand new tag created by Cerys over at Browsing for Books. It’s perfect for anyone for likes making book aesthetics or is a sucker for a pretty cover. She was kind enough to tag me, and I’ll leave her description and all the info below. As Cerys says, this is a pretty labour-intensive tag, so I’ve split the ten prompts apart, and I’ll give you five this week and the other five in a few weeks — so keep a lookout!


Bookish Survey: Greek Mythology Style


I know, I know, I filled out another Greek Mythology tag just a few weeks ago. But how could I resist this one? It was created by Jasmine at Flip the Page and I thought it’d be a great way to round out the #mythothon readathon as we go into the final week.

This is just the first half of the tag, Jasmine also has an additional ten prompts based on The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

You’re all tagged if you’d like to try! If you’re participating in #mythothon, how have you been getting on? Are you one track with your goals?


The Books and Makeup Tag


This is a really fun, quick tag I saw Alexa Donne recently revive over on her YouTube channel. You can also check out the original video from sarawithoutanH. The videos for this tag are great fun to watch as the BookTubers are all doing their own makeup while answering the questions. Go check it out if you’re looking to kill an hour or two.

If you make your own version of this tag, I’d love to see it. Feel free to leave me a link to check out down in the comments. (more…)