Cooking the Books: Recipe for Pear and Ginger Scones

You might have noticed in some of my previous posts that I’m a huge fan of Mollie MacRae’s Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery series. They’re my absolute favourite cozy mysteries, featuring a drool-worthy yarn store in the small, quaint town of Blue Plum. There’s all sorts of craft and fibre entertainment, a resident ghost, the tiniest hints of psychic powers and — of course — a fair number of untimely deaths.


The latest book in the series — Crewel and Unusual — came out just this month. As usual in this series, Crewel and Unusual features a recipe for one of the tasty treats sold by the town deli: Mel’s On Main. This one is for Mel’s Pear and Ginger scones.

I made these over the holidays to take down for a family visit and everyone absolutely loved them. The fact that American scones are pretty different from British ones threw me at first, but I think they turned out beautifully and tasted amazing. This is definitely a recipe I’d make again!

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Cozy Baking: Double Dark Chocolate Devastators



I know everyone hates cooking websites where the first part has a four-page essay on the bakers’ tragic life story and how it relates to the recipe at hand. However, this is a book blog, not a baking site — and, I hope for your sake, no one is actually here for my advice on baking — so I’m going to prattle on a bit (if you really want, you can skip to the photographs and just read the recipe from there).

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