Reviews by Author


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Links to all of my book reviews, organised by the author’s surname.



Adams, Ellery — A Killer Collection

van Arsdale, Peternelle — The Cold Is in Her Bones


Bashardoust, Melissa — Girls Made of Snow and Glass

Blakemore, Kim Taylor — The Companion

Brennan, Marie — Turning Darkness Into Light


Calvin, Effie — The Queen of Ieflaria

Calvin, Effie — Daughter of the Sun

Calvin, Effie — The Queen of Rhodia

Capetta, Amy Rose & McCarthy, Cori — Once and Future

Carlin, Laura — The Wicked Cometh

Cho, Zen — The True Queen

Colfer, Eoin — Highfire

Conroy, Vivian — Last Pen Standing

Corcoran, Helen — Queen of Coin and Whispers

Corr, Elizabeth & Corr Katharine — A Throne of Swans

Coulthurst, Audrey — Of Fire and Stars

Coulthurst, Audrey — Inkmistress


Dickerson. Melanie — The Piper’s Pursuit

Duncan, Emily A — Wicked Saints


Ember, Julia — The Seafarer’s Kiss

England, M K — Spellhacker


Flowers, Amanda — Matchmaking Can Be Murder

Fox, Hester — The Widow Of Pale Harbour

Frohn, Celine (ed.) Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology


Gailey, Sarah — Upright Women Wanted

Gailey, Sarah — When We Were Magic

Gilbert, Victoria — Bound for Murder

Grant, Mira — Into the Drowning Deep


Hackwith, A J — The Library of the Unwritten

Hadlow, Janice — The Other Bennet Sister

Hall, Alexis — Iron and Velvet

Hall, Alexis — Shadows and Dreams

Hall, Alexis — Fire and Water

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood — The Deathless Girls

Healey, Jane — The Animals at Lockwood Manor

Herman, Christine Lynn — The Devouring Gray

Hutchinson, Shaun David — The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried


Jones, Heather Rose — Floodtide


Kingfisher, T. — The Raven and the Reindeer

Kuang, R F — The Dragon Republic


Lanyon, Josh — Slay Ride

Larkwood, A. K. — The Unspoken Name

Lee. C B — Not Your Sidekick

Lee. C B — Not Your Villain

Lillard, Amy — Can’t Judge a Book By Its Murder

Lindsay, Julie Anne — Apple Cider Slaying

Lukens, F T — Monster of the Week


Marquette, Andi — The Bureau of Holiday Affairs

McGuire, Seanan — Come Tumbling Down

Meier, Leslie (+ Barbara Ross & Lee Hollis) — Haunted House Murder

Milan, Courtney (+Rose Lerner & Alyssa Cole)

Miller, Linsey — Belle Révolte

Morris, Brittney — Slay

Murphy, Niamh — Dragon Whisper

Murphy, Niamh — Gretel

Murphy, Niamh — Escape to Pirate Island


Parker, K J – Prosper’s Demon

Purcell, Laura — Bone China


Quinn, Holly — A Crafter Quilts a Crime


Ramsay, H J — Ever Alice

Redmond, Heather — Journaled to Death

Reid, Taylor Jenkins — The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Roehrig, Caleb — Death Prefers Blondes

Rossner, Rena — The Sisters of the Winter Wood


Sebastian, Laura — Lady Smoke

Skrutskie, Emily — The Abyss Surrounds Us

Sky, Erin Michelle & Brown, Steven — The Wendy

Sky, Erin Michelle & Brown, Steven — The Navigator

Springer, Elyse — Thaw


Tammi, Elizabeth — Outrun the Wind


Venkataraman, Barbara — Death by Didgeridoo


Waite, Olivia — The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics

Warner, Tiana — Ice Massacre

Wilde, Jen — Queens of Geek

Wilson, S M — Rebel


Yee, F C — The Rise of Kyoshi

Young, Adrienne — The Girl the Sea Gave Back (plus extract)

Young, Adrienne — Sky in the Deep (plus author guest post)

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