Friday Spotlight: Nelly Dean

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Nelly DeanNelly Dean by Alison Case


Book Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader. We share the first sentence and whatever thoughts of impressions it provokes. For the Friday 56, hosted by Freda’s Voice, we share a few lines from either page 56 or 56%.


Opening Line:

Dear Mr Lockwood,

I don’t expect you’ll be expecting to hear from me, not since I sent you the few bits of things you left behind on your last visit – you’ll remember, the handkerchiefs, and your carved walking stick that turned up after you left.



Movies To Watch in 2019

Beyond Books

There are so many amazing movies still to come out this year. I thought I’d take a look through them all and see what ones I’m interested in. I don’t watch a tonne of movies, so I really need to keep a mental note or I completely forget to go see anything. Even then, to be honest. So I thought I’d put together a post as a reminder and to share with you guys.

Let me know if you’ve seen or are looking forward to any of these too.

I’m sure I’ve missed some, so what are your most anticipated films for the year?

[I should also say, I’ve got a separate post planned for next week focusing on animated films.]

All info comes from IMDb and is accurate at the time I’m writing.