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#FFFebruary Readathon TBR

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February is for f/f books! 

Here are the rules:

“The only rules being you read all (or upwards of half, if you want to be more realistic) sapphic books in the month. As many as you can.

And the most important rule of all? You tweet (or blog) about the books you’re reading, using the hashtag #FFFeb.”

There’s more information, including nine optional prompts and recommendations over on the announcement post here.

I won’t be sticking to the prompts for this round, just trying to read as many of the f/f books I currently own as I can.

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Here & Queerathon Sign-up and Start-off TBR

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it’s January, so that means it’s time for me to sign-up and be tempted by all sorts of year-long reading challenges that I won’t have the patience or diligence to finish.

This one will be different though!

Mel @ Cotton Candy Book Witch is hosting the Here & Queerathon for 2020. The goal is pretty simple: reading books by queer authors and/or with queer content.

Here’s the link to her announcement post.

I’m not going to come up with a dedicated TBR for this readathon, just keep it in mind as and when I’m picking out my monthly book choices.

You can check out a selection of the queer books I’d like to include in the first couple of months of this year below. Let me know if you spot any glaring mistakes on my part straight off the bat. 

Let me know if you’re taking part, and if so, which books you might include in your TBR.

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My #ARCApocalypse Sign-up and TBR

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Destiny over at Howling Libraries has given herself an incredible challenge in 2020: to dedicating the whole year to catching up on ARCs. You can read her announcement post here.

My list for this challenge isn’t quite as intense, but I’d like to catch up on all my outstanding ones too, and keep up with this years releases. Ideally by this time next year I’ll have no pre-2021 ARCs on my hands.

Since I’m doing my #HappyNewCLEAR challenge to tackle Jan and early Feb releases, I won’t include those here, but you can find that list over in this post.

So here are the books I’ve currently got that I’d like to tackle as part of #ARCApocalypse 2020.

Check out my TBR below and let me know if there are any here I should particularly move to the top of my 2020 reading list!

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It can be a tough month — coming out of the holiday highs — and sometimes it feels like you don’t actually get a proper handle on the new year until it’s almost February.

I want to get off to a flying start this reading year and I have a lot of ARC reviews due early on. So, from 1st to 31st January, I’ll be running a very low-stress readathon: #HappyNewCLEAR.

The goal is to clear out old commitments and forge a path through the year ahead.

This could be (like me) making a real dent in those January/February ARCs, finishing up a series you promised yourself you’d finish in 2019, or wrapping up all those readathon TBR loose threads.

If you’d like to join me, please do let me know in the comments!

I’d love to see any TBR plans (even if they’re tentative, like mine). You can also tag me (@foxesfairytale) or use the hashtag #HappyNewCLEAR to keep in touch on Twitter/Instagram.

We can do this!

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My ‘Classic’ Women Reading Challenge 2020

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I’ve been meaning to get into classics for several years now, and although I’ve read a handful a year, I’m determined to really up my game this year. I’m particularly looking forward to getting to know some of the more obscure women writers that I’ve seen mentioned on various blog and booktube channels.

I’m setting myself a personal target to try at least one novel by a ‘classic’ woman writer and at least one other classic (of any type/ author) each month next year. I’ll be combining my personal goals with some existing readathons: #Victober, #Georgianary, #ClassicsCommunity and #JaneAustenJuly. *Phew!*

I’ve picked 12 female authors who published work pre-1914. They’re all pretty prolific and pretty well-known — I think — so should be easy enough to find a good selection to choose from. If this works well, I’ll try and pick a wider, more diverse 12 to carry on with in 2021 as I’ve noticed how this list is mostly British Georgian/ Victorian and entirely white. Suggestions for that would be appreciated.

If you’d like to join me, just choose any book by the selected author to read each month. Then, feel free to link reviews, twitter updates and photos or post your thoughts and discussion points in the comments. You can also use the hashtag #classicwomen2020 to keep in touch.

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A Link To The Past Readathon TBR #2

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I posted the first half (for November, I did the Team Link and weapons prompts) for @KateADale‘s A Link to the Past readathon last month. 

Since the readathon runs over two months –November and December — I split my TBR and in December, I’ll be doing the dungeons prompts.

You can find all the details at this announcement post.

Here’s my TBR for the second part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Readathon.

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