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My ‘Classic’ Women Reading Challenge 2020

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I’ve been meaning to get into classics for several years now, and although I’ve read a handful a year, I’m determined to really up my game this year. I’m particularly looking forward to getting to know some of the more obscure women writers that I’ve seen mentioned on various blog and booktube channels.

I’m setting myself a personal target to try at least one novel by a ‘classic’ woman writer and at least one other classic (of any type/ author) each month next year. I’ll be combining my personal goals with some existing readathons: #Victober, #Georgianary, #ClassicsCommunity and #JaneAustenJuly. *Phew!*

I’ve picked 12 female authors who published work pre-1914. They’re all pretty prolific and pretty well-known — I think — so should be easy enough to find a good selection to choose from. If this works well, I’ll try and pick a wider, more diverse 12 to carry on with in 2021 as I’ve noticed how this list is mostly British Georgian/ Victorian and entirely white. Suggestions for that would be appreciated.

If you’d like to join me, just choose any book by the selected author to read each month. Then, feel free to link reviews, twitter updates and photos or post your thoughts and discussion points in the comments. You can also use the hashtag #classicwomen2020 to keep in touch.

Obviously, if there’s an author you’re just not interested in, feel free to substitute one you are. (more…)

A Link To The Past Readathon TBR #2

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I posted the first half (for November, I did the Team Link and weapons prompts) for @KateADale‘s A Link to the Past readathon last month. 

Since the readathon runs over two months –November and December — I split my TBR and in December, I’ll be doing the dungeons prompts.

You can find all the details at this announcement post.

Here’s my TBR for the second part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Readathon.


Triwizard Tournament TBR

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November seems to be the month for unique readathons! I’m taking part in @KateADale‘s #LinkToThePastReadathon (@LinkToThePastR) [Part 1 of my TBR is here.] already and now I’ve decided to join the Triwizard Tournament!

The Triwizard readathon runs in three rounds and each round is based around one of the Triwizard tasks. We’re playing in teams, representing a school, determined by our birth month. That means I’ll be Team Durmstrang! Let me know if we’re schoolmates!


A Link To The Past Readathon TBR #1

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I’ll be honest, I’ve never played any of the Legend of Zelda games. But, they look really good and @KateADale‘s readathon looks such fun, I’ve decided to take part anyway.

It’s pretty unusual for a readathon because it’s actually going to run over two months –November and December. It’s a pretty intensive readathon though, with a lot of challenge prompt and options, so this is a really good thing! You can find all the details at this announcement post.

To tackle this readathon, I’m going to split it in two.

In November, I’ll do the Team Link prompt and the weapons prompts.

In December, I’ll do the dungeons prompts.

Here’s my TBR for the first part of the Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Readathon.


Wyrd and Wonder TBR

I missed #WyrdAndWonder when it ran over the summer, so I was really excited to see that they’re running a special spooky edition in the lead-up to Halloween. 

#WyrdAndWonder is hosted by @deargeekplace@imyril @joriestory.

From the announcement post (here)

What do you mean by ‘spooky fantasy’?

As with our main event, we like to keep our definition of genre as broad as possible. So when we say ‘spooky fantasy’, we mean any sort of fantasy story (or film, TV show or comic!) that has a spooky flavour to it. From vampires and werewolves to dark fantasy to cosmic horror, we welcome it all!


Victober 2019 TBR

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How could I have forgotten Victober was coming?!

#Victober is a readathon, running in October, which (unsurprisingly) centres around reading Victorian literature. I took part last year and really enjoyed it, so I don’t want to miss out this year. My TBR for this month is already really full, but I’ve managed to double up books and pick some managable sounding reads.

It’s organised primarily by Katie @ Books and Things, and you can watch her announcement video (with links to the other hosts’ videos) here.