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End of the Year! Book Tag

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Can you believe that we’re almost done with 2019? Where did this year go?

I’ve had a great reading year and I’ve got my fingers crossed for another one in 2020.

I was tagged by Carly at Reading is my Kind of Thing to take part in this tag, which seems like a great chance to look back and plan forward.


The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag

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The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag was created by Ben Sanders.

Who doesn’t love 90s cartoons? And combining them with book prompts?! I just couldn’t pass up this tag.

Let me know some of your favourite 90’s cartoons in the comments. Are there are prompts you think would go well with them?


Galavant! Book Tag


Susy at Susy’s Cozy World posted this tag as part of the Wyrd and Wonder event and when I saw it I just had to have a go. I was such a sucker for this show. It’s got everything I love in it: unlikeable but strong female characters, medieval-esque fantasy that includes diversity, musical numbers and lots of humour, snark and campiness.

I’m gutted this never really took off and I desperately wish it had gotten a third season. But, since that never happened, I’ll enjoy this tag instead.


The Playlist Book Tag

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I was tagged to do The Playlist Book Tag by Cerys over at Browsing For Books. It’s probably not one I’d have picked out myself, because most of the songs on my phone are either ten-years out of date or are an example of my absolutely awful taste in music. But! This tag looked a lot of fun when I read Cerys’ post, and seeing which books she matched with the song was really cool, so I’m willing to risk it.

How does it work? Well, it’s simple:

1. Set your playlist on random

2. Pick a book to go with the songs that come on at random.

And that’s it! You don’t have to explain you answers, and I probably won’t – most of these are just my gut instinct reactions. This ended up being much harder than I expected it to be and so sometimes I went off the message of the song, and sometimes I went off the vibes it gave me. Sometimes I don’t even know why I picked a certain book, in my head, it just fit.