5 Unread Bargain Books on my Kindle

This Top 5 series was a weekly meme created by Amanda @ Devouring Books. Although this post is inspired by Devouring Books, this prompt is of my own devising and not officially one of Amanda’s suggestion

Each week I’ll pick 5 books using the common theme provided. These might be books I’ve read, or ones that are still on my TBR. I’ll note [TBR] beside any I’ve not actually read myself. 

One of the best (and worst) things about having an eReader, is how many books you’re able to pick up either for free or for a couple of quid. I’ve a terrible habit of picking up anything that strikes my fancy, on the basis that I’m saving money by buying it now, while the price is reduced. It leads to a lot of unread books on my Kindle…

Here are five I’ve picked on on sale or advertised through BookBub (or both) that I haven’t quite got around to get but really tickled my fancy. Maybe they’ll intrigue you too.

As always, in no particular order…

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TrekAThon 2 – Starfleet Academy TBR

Welcome, Cadet, to Starfleet Academy!

In this readathon, I’ll be a Starfleet Cadet on the Operations track. Fingers crossed I don’t meet the usual ‘red shirt’ fate! I used a Star Trek character generator to decide that my character is a Romulan called Vroko, who wants to become a Communications Officer and has an interest in espionage and infiltration.

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Ten 2021 Releases I Was Excited to Read But Didn’t Get To

January 18: 2021 Releases I Was Excited to Read But Didn’t Get To

To be honest, I could fill volumes with Books I Meant to Get to in 2021 and Didn’t, but luckily the prompt is for 2021 releases only, which makes it (a bit) more manageable.

I’m working to remedy this and I’ve actually read both Eva Evergreen and the Cursed Witch and The Lost Girls already this month. I really want to read the full ten before this year’s out. Are there any you’d prioritise?

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Murder on the Orient Express Book Tag

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I took part in reading for the #ChristiesMissing2021 readathon last month and had a great time getting back into Agatha Christie. I picked up Midwinter Murders (a mixbag of Christie detectives and short stories) and Hercule Poirot’s Christmas, as well as watching a ton of the adaptions.

I definitely plan to carry on with working through the Poirot and Marple book I haven’t read this year.

However, I didn’t have time to squeeze in any of the tags I spotted going round, so today I’m playing catch-up and trying out @Hungry Bookworm‘s Murder on the Orient Express Book Tag.

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Guest Post: “Chapter Titles and Other Tortures”, from Kristen Brand, author of Dead Messages

It’s a brand new year, and I’m really excited to share Foxes and Fairy Tales’ first guest post of 2022.

If you’ve ever read any of my posts or reviews on cozy mysteries, you’ll know that I have a weakness for clever titles and puns. As a writer, titles are my kryptonite, something I always struggle with. Here, Kristen Brand, author of Dead Messages, shares her thoughts on that even trickier prospect: coming with titles for every chapter of a book.

Order Dead Messages

Dead Messages Kristen Brand, a Texts From Beyond novella.
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TrekAThon Round 2 – Starfleet Academy

Welcome, Cadet, to Starfleet Academy!

Over the four-year course of study, you’ll join the best and brightest minds in the Federation. If you study hard and challenge yourself, you’ll graduate with honours, and have your pick of Fleet assignments!

As well as a TBR for this readathon, you should create a character for your Cadet. Give them a name and a backstory, and share it on Twitter, Instagram etc. Are they human, or from another Federation world? Which career path are they choosing — operations, science or command — and why?

You could even use an online doll creator to really bring your Cadet to life!

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Top Ten Most Anticipated Books Releasing April to June 2022

Most Anticipated Books Releasing April to June 2022

This week, I’m continuing on from last weeks prompt, Books Releasing in the First Half of 2022. It took me 10 books just to get to the end of March, so these next 10 take me up to the middle of the year. Although, I’m sure by the time we get to that point, I’ll have added at least a dozen more to my TBR.

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