ARC Review: Honeymoon for One



SERIES: Standalone

REPRESENTATION: Lesbian MC, pansexual love interest, and sapphic romance

GENRES/ SUBJECTS: Contemporary Romance


HONEYMOON FOR ONE is a cozy Christmas lesbian romance with ski slopes, pastry and some heart-warming family dynamics.

It also has a slightly darker core—with both characters dealing with grief, parental disappointments, and career crisis—which I hadn’t expected, but found added a nice contrast to the fluffier, vacation romance.

HONEYMOON FOR ONE takes place largely in Canada, but clumsy protagonist Robyn is English, and I felt that both sets of attitudes and accents came through really well. I loved the small-town vibes and the ski-lodge setting, and I was rooting for the side characters as much as for the leads.

Despite the time-crunch built into the premise, Bowdler does a good job of building the characters relationship and feelings, so that, although it’s definitely a whirlwind romance, it doesn’t feel completely unbelievable. There’s some great holiday tropes from the grumpy/sunshine dynamic to the weather-based plot disasters. The romance is cute, the setting immersive and the romance heart-warming.

A lovely bit of winter escapism, that will hit all those Hallmark movie cravings.

A cancelled engagement. A non-refundable honeymoon. A Christmas Robin will never forget.

Robin Ellis has had a year she’d like to forget. She’s tired, overworked and most definitely not ready to spend the holidays with her rowdy family in Manchester. So when she discovers she forgot to cancel her honeymoon she sees this as the perfect opportunity to get away; it’s time to relax and embrace adventure!

The last thing she expects is to clash with standoffish ski instructor Neve. But despite their rocky start these two unlikely people can’t help but fall for each other under the starry Canadian skies.

They know that holiday romances don’t last, and Robin has had her heart broken one too many times before, but can they overcome the distance between them and find a happily ever after together?

A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.


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