ARC Review: In Farm’s Way



SERIES: Farm to Table Mysteries #3



I’m sure I’m not the only one, but, for me, once the weather starts to get colder, I’m even more drawn to cozy mysteries than I am the rest of the year. IN FARM’S WAY is the perfect read for this chilly time of year, as both the setting at the action have a distinctly frozen feel.

Shiloh’s pug, Huckleberry, is getting his own winter shoes. There are owl walks, a treasure hunt, and an ice-fishing competition that leads to Shiloh stumbling over -yet another- dead body. There’s lots of interesting things going on in this instalment from the revamped cinema to an organic beer contest.

I really like the way this series pulls in element’s I’d otherwise know nothing about, such as the cherry farm and the ice-fishing. Seeing Shiloh’s struggles with the farm and working to make it profitable is really interesting, as are her shifting relationships with the various side-characters.

The romance in this instalment is a little less prominent than most cozies, but actually liked that. Seeing Shiloh work or bicker with other characters like her cousin or assistant, were just as much fun.

A delightfully cozy winter read.

Even the best-laid plants can go awry…

After solving a murder and getting her organic farm ready to overwinter, Shiloh Bellamy still expects the next few months to be busy with repairs, spring planning, and networking with local businesses. She might even be able to broker a new partnership with Fields Brewery and its organic brewer’s association. Well, she could if the owner wasn’t found murdered at the county Ice Fishing Derby.

Once again, Shiloh gets tangled up in the investigation when the police ignore an entire crop of suspects to blame one of her friends. She’ll have to dig deep to find the truth, reel in a killer, and convince her city-slicker pug to wear his winter boots. But with Bellamy Farm still struggling, can Shiloh spare the time to look into the town’s fishy characters? Or will her dream farm be the next thing floating belly up?

A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.


5 thoughts on “ARC Review: In Farm’s Way”

        1. I loves that Victoria Gilbert went with a choreographer/dancer as the love interest. It’s something I’d NEVER have expected in a cozy but it really works


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