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Top Ten Bookish Characters

May 10: Bookish Characters (these could be readers, writers, authors, librarians, professors, etc.)

Holmes and Moriarity Series // Josh Lanyon
Both the main characters are novelists (one writes thrillers, the other cozy mysteries) and the first two books in the series are set at writing/publishing retreats, so full of writers, editors and agents.

Plain Bad Heroines // Emily M. Danforth
[TBR] I’ve not read this one yet, but I couldn’t not have a dark academia on this list and Plain Bad Heroines sounds particularly appealing.

Booklover’s B&B Mysteries Series // Victoria Gilbert
Charlotte runs a literary-themed B&B, hosting bookish events, so each mystery has a bookish connection.

Payback’s a Witch // Lana Harper
Emmy Harlow’s family runs a magical bookshop in a town were rival families compete in a spell-casting tournament.

The Bone Spindle // Leslie Vedder
Fi’s from a family of historians and treasure hunts for valuable books (like Indiana Jones)

The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows // Olivia Waite
One of the protagonists owns and runs a printing press company.

Meet Cute Club // Jack Harbon
Revolves around the members of a romance-themed book club.

The Library of the Unwritten // A J Hackwith
Librarians. For fictional characters. In Hell.

A Marvellous Light // Freya Marske
One of the main characters is a magical researcher/ scholar and general nerd.

Black Amber // Phyllis A Whitney
Tracy works for a publisher and uses the connection to work with the author she suspects of involvement in her sister’s death.

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