Top Ten Books with Floral Covers

I’m passing on the official prompt, Bookish Merchandise I’d Love to Own, and doing my own thing this week.

Daughters of a Dead Empire // Carolyn Tara O’Neil – [TBR]

The Midnight Lie // Marie Rutkoski – [TBR]

Misrule // Heather Walter – [TBR]

Shadowsong // S Jae-Jones – [TBR]

Kingdom of the Wicked // Kerri Maniscalco – [TBR]

That Dark Infinity // Kate Pentecost – [TBR]

Reign of Shadows // Sophie Jordan – [TBR]

Isla to Island // Alexis Castellanos – [TBR]

The Bone Spindle // Leslie Vedder

Beyond the Ruby Veil // Mara Fitzgerald

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