ARC Review: The Raven and the Banshee



SERIES: Standalone

REPRESENTATION: Sapphic romance

GENRES/ SUBJECTS: Historical, Pirates


THE RAVEN AND THE BANSHEE is a fun, swashbuckling novel of lost loves and vengeance. It combines a sapphic second-chance romance of opposite personalities, with a dramatic and action-packed pirate story. I have a real fondness for pirate stories, so this one really appealed to me.

I thought Elizabeth set the scene very well and painted a vivid picture of the Banshee (Branna’s ship) and of 1700s Nassau. The pirates are rough and ready, and the actions scenes are well done — just enough danger and violence. Branna and Julia have good chemistry and (although a little slow to get off the ground) the romance between the two women feels very believable.

I thought THE RAVEN AND THE BANSHEE could have perhaps been a bit longer in places, to give us more time to get to know the rest of the Banshee’s crew and the girls in the Nassau brothel, but it’s a fast-paced, enjoyable read.

There’s a 5,000 short story sequel online, and I enjoyed THE RAVEN AND THE BANSHEE enough that I definitely plan to check that out.

It’s the early 1700’s and sixteen-year-old Julia Farrow, spirited daughter of a shipping company owner, lives and loves on her own terms. With a sharp mind and sharper tongue, she constantly defies family and society expectations with no regard for the consequences.

Branna Kelly, only child of an Irish immigrant sailor, is hopelessly in love with Julia and imagines their life together as captains of their own fate. Left brokenhearted after Julia’s rejection, she embarks on a journey to chart a new shipping route to the Caribbean. Before Julia can explain her decision, Branna’s ship is overrun by merciless pirates. All hands are presumed lost.

Fifteen years later, Julia is running the Farrow Company and sailing with the crew on her newest ship when an encounter with pirates leaves her the lone survivor to be rescued by the infamous Raven, hard-hearted captain of the mercenary ship, Banshee. Julia is shocked to discover her rescuer wears a familiar face.

The Raven and the Banshee is a passionate tale of vengeance, forgiveness and second chance love in a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas.

A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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