Another TBR? Christie’s Missing Readathon.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

I said no more readathons this month.

I lied.

But I literally just saw this one and couldn’t help myself, not when I just watched three faux-biography Agatha Christie movies, including the one set during the 11 days Agatha disappeared, which is the inspiration for this readathon.

For anyone interest those films are Agatha and the Truth of Murder, Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar and Agatha and the Midnight Murders ((with Ruth Bradley, Lyndsey Marshal and Helen Baxendale as Agatha, respectively). They’re pretty good!

Anyway…. It’s a very small readathon, and dovetails nicely with Cloak and Dagger Christmas so lets check out the prompts!

Read an Agatha Christie

Read a Bad Weather book for #readchristie2021

Death on the Nile

Read a non Marple or Poirot book

Midwinter Murder

This is actually a collection of short stories, six or which feature detectives other than Poirot or Marple, so I might read one or two, I might read them all. We’ll see how it goes.

Read an Agatha Award winner

2010 Nominee : Maid of Murder by Amanda Flower

Read a romance in honour of Mary Westmacott

Christmas In Mistletoe by Clare Lydon

Like Cloak and Dagger Christmas, this readathon has an optional prompt to watch some sort of adaption. Since I’d already planned on watching some of the Marple and Poirot episodes throughout the month, it’ll be easy to squeeze in one or two during the eleven days of this readathon too.

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