Top Five Mythology Inspired books on my TBR

This Top 5 series is a weekly meme created by Amanda @ Devouring Books. Although this post is inspired by Devouring Books, this prompt is of my own devising and not officially one of Amanda’s suggestion

Each week I’ll pick 5 books featuring the common theme provided. These might be books I’ve read, or ones that are still on my TBR. I’ll note [TBR] beside any I’ve not actually read myself. 

These books are all ‘Top’ in that they were, or look, great. My memory’s not good enough to guarantee they’re the literal top books I’ve read in the category. So, feel free to share your own favourites or give me more TBR suggestions in the comments!

As always, in no particular order…

Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman [TBR]

Daughter of the Gods by Stephanie Marie Thornton [TBR]

Ariadne by Jennifer Saint [TBR]

The Light of the Midnight Stars by Rena Rossner [TBR]

Lore by Alexandra Bracken [TBR]

4 thoughts on “Top Five Mythology Inspired books on my TBR”

    1. Thanks Lynn!
      I’ve seen the cover reveal for Elektra doing the rounds and definitely want to pick it up too, so I’d like to get to Ariadne before then at least. I think I have the first Pat Barker on my shelf, but something put me off or I got distracted (who knows lol) and haven’t actually read it yet.

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