The Fantasy Tropes Book Tag

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I spotted this tag over on And On She Reads, and since about 90% of my reading must be fantasy, I couldn’t pass it up.


  • Mention the creator ( one’s peculiar )
  • Answer the questions
  • Tag as many people as you like

1 – The Lost Princess – A book/series you lost interest in halfway through.

I’m bad for this anyway, not so much because I lose interest, but because I get distracted by some shiny new series, and wind up never finishing the one I’ve started. I almost always always mean to go back an finish the series eventually. A series that did sort of lose me (although maybe not forever) was THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING. The first one was so, so good, but the second one was just so different it really threw me.

2 – The Knight in Shining Armour – A hyped book/series you were swept up by.

THE TALES OF VERANINA series (which starts with THE LIGHTNING-STRUCK HEART) by T. J. Klune is the one that comes to mind. I loved the ridiculous-ness of this series and the humour, and I read all four books back-to-back in a week which, like you might’ve guessed from Question 1, is really unusual for me! This definitely isn’t a series for everyone, but it totally swept me up.

3 – The Wise Old Wizard – An author who amazes you with his/her writing.

Margaret Rogerson’s prose is always absolutely lyrical. Rosamund Hodge too, has just the right voice for when I’m looking for something rich and plumy. I’m in awe of them both.

4 – The Maiden in Distress – An undervalued character you wished had a bigger storyline.

I did this as a Top Ten Tuesday topic a few weeks ago — here, Top Ten Secondary Characters that Deserve their Own Books — so there’s, shocking, ten over there. Check them out.

5 – The Magical Sword –  A magical item/ability you wish authors used less.

I don’t think I have an answer for this question, I actually quite like seeing tropes and tricks used again, but seeing how the author pus their spin on it.

6 – The Mindless Villain – A phrase you cannot help but roll your eyes at

“I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding”, but really only because it’s been pointed out so often. It catches my eye now, but doesn’t really bother me unless it’s getting used ever other page.

7 – The Untamed Dragon –  A magical creature you wish you had as a pet.

A dragon. Companionship, transport, and an easy way to take care of your enemies.

8 – The Chosen One – A book/series you will always root for.

October Daye by Seanan McGuire. I actually ran a readathon— … a couple of years ago now? — A Daye A Month when the series was at thirteen books where we, shockingly, read a book each month. I really adored getting through these books on such a roll and adored all the characters. I’m running a few behind now, but sort of want to have a few to dig into. Also, forever waiting for the newer audiobooks to actually come out on UK Audible….

3 thoughts on “The Fantasy Tropes Book Tag”

  1. This is fun! I would also want a dragon—though I’d be happy with a fire lizard also (from McCaffrey’s Pern series) since they are essentially miniature shoulder dragons. They couldn’t transport me, but they could transport things for me.

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