Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves

Bookish Pet Peeves

I don’t actually think I have any huge, serious pet peeves, but this topic was good for a bit of a grumble.

When film adaption covers replace the original in store and you can’t get hold of the pretty one RIGHT AWAY

Stickers. Printed, stuck-on or part of the design. They all suck.

When the U.S. (or anywhere) gets a nicer cover than the UK one I get.

When you order online and they send you an edition with a cover you weren’t expecting.

When the book you want doesn’t come in every format. It’s always the one I want that’s missing: audiobook, paperback or kindle.

Books with those funny textured covers, where every single fingerprint shows as a smear.

When I jump into a sequel, and it takes ages for the characters I know to show up.

Reading a review before the book, and having it colour your reading.

A sequel that never actually comes out….

When the book shop displays are full of hugely popular books that don’t even need the promotion.

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves”

  1. My biggest peeve is the film adaptation covers. I’m also tired of seeing the same popular books on display on every bookstore as well.

    Great list!

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  2. I never read a book that hasn’t been positively reviewed by reviewers I trust. It rarely turns into a disappointment. The only thing I wish sometimes is that there would be less reviews about books that have already been analyzed to the bone: like LOTR, Dune, Tolstoi, Dostoevsky, etc… And I can agree about sequels. Very often writers use the series template as an excuse to publish some unfinished work and then abandon it when they lose interest in finishing their project. It´’s my feeling that the series template should only be used when a novel exceeds the 300,000 words limit instead of publishing five novels of 60,000 words. Or they should be conceived as standalones.

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      1. It’s an older series but it’s called Night World by the author of The Vampire Diaries? There was supposed to be a 10th book coming out forever but she never got around to it. I suppose I’m fine with the very ambiguous ending since I heard she was going to kill some MCs in the 10th and final book

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  3. I’ve found myself grumbling in the bookstore when a super popular, yet not great, book is in a bunch of different places, And a recent release that I loved is nowhere to be found. I’ve also questioned the inclusion of some books on the display tables. Recently they had a table full of beach reads, nothing wrong with that, especially in August. But one of the books on the table isn’t one I would classify as a beach read because it is a difficult read, and the rest on the table were “fluffy” reads.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

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