ARC Review: A Bargain of Blood and Gold



SERIES: Midnight Guardians #1


GENRES/ SUBJECTS: Historical Paranormal Mystery (light Romance)


A BARGAIN OF BLOOD AND GOLD is a fast-paced historical paranormal mystery, wherein a vampire and a rookie vampire hunter must team up to solve a series of brutal murders. The story was full of action and really hooked me: I finished the book in a single sitting.

I really liked how Jacques leaned into the paranormal side of the story, giving us a whole host of supernatural critters. I might actually have liked a little more information here, just to hammer down the differences between the different creatures, and how they all interact with one another in this world but I don’t think it absolutely needed it. This paranormal element was worked into the mystery well, and the investigation felt well-paced.

The romance was a real slow-build, and even towards the end, remained very unobtrusive and low-key. That seems to have put off a number of GoodReads reviewers, but personally I didn’t have a problem with the low-heat, gentle romance. This might even make A BARGAIN OF BLOOD AND GOLD a really good choice for readers looking for M/M Paranormal specifically without a lot of romance. It’s something to be aware of thought, if you’re looking for a more intense romance or expecting sex scenes.

I enjoyed all three of the main characters – Johnathan, Vic and Alyse – and the boys’ individual backstories. I think that’s something that we’ll see develop more (as well as their relationships) as the series goes along.

Fun and fast-paced, A BARGAIN OF BLOOD AND GOLD is an entertaining start to the Midnight Guardians series. I really like the characters and the way the different types of paranormal creatures came into play.

When Johnathan Newman arrives in Cress Haven, the last thing he expects is for his life to be irrevocably changed. Sent by a clandestine league of vampire hunters to investigate a string of murders, signs point to a vampire lurking amid the townsfolk. Johnathan’s attempt to enlist the locals leads him to an unlikely partnership with Vic, the town’s most eligible, enigmatic bachelor.

As the pair work to solve the mystery, Vic’s secrets come back to bite him. Revealed, the vampire fights his attraction to a man trained to destroy him, while Johnathan’s emotions land him in the middle of forbidden desires. Even if Vic isn’t the murderer, how can Johnathan yearn for his natural enemy?

As Vic leads Johnathan into encounters with terrifying beings straight from children’s nightmares, Johnathan learns that not only is the world stranger than he knew, but that those he once trusted have far darker intentions that will place hunter and vampire at the center of a conflict between realms.

Cress Haven holds more sinister secrets than its resident vampire, a secret so great, it could unleash Hell itself.

A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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