Pixarathon 2021

The latest round of Pixarathon is upon us! I really enjoyed this readathon last year, especially the Woody’s Round-Up spin-off. You could really tell that the creator (@literarylily1) put a lot of thought into it. Last summer wasn’t the most successful reading period for me, so I’m really looking forward to tacking this new round.

There are 17 prompts, covering all the Pixar movies minus most sequels. This round is also adding in the idea of ‘routes’. Each route has a theme, a unique prompt, and a selection of movies you should read in order to complete it.

I’ll be picking the Monster Route, because it has great films (although I still need to watch Luca, but it looks so good!), and because I love anything monster themed. If I can, I’ll try and squeeze these four films onto my watchlist for the month too.

If I finish these five, I’ll see how my reading fits into the other film prompts, but these will be my priorities.

Monster Route Prompt : Anything but contemporary or nonfiction.

Probably the easiest readathon prompt I’ll ever come across since I barely read any of either.

I’m thinking I’ll pick Night Shine by Tessa Gratton for this since I just bought a copy and it doesn’t fit any of the other readathons I’m considering this month, but I could probably sub in just about anything I might be in the mood for.

Onward : In Onward, the Lightfoot brothers must follow a map and its clues to find a rare gem. Read a book involving a puzzle or mystery.

I’ve recently been reading (and loving) the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries by Robin Stevens, which are MG historical mysteries. I’ll be picking up book three (First Class Murder) which should count for double mystery points or something, as it’s set aboard the Orient Express. Not to mention, Daisy and Hazel will be on an actual journey of their own in this instalment. Perfect!

Monsters Inc : In Monsters Inc Mike showed that laughter was a much better power source than screams. Read a book that will make you laugh.

The Discworld books are always a safe bet for making me chuckle and, since I’ve been on an ad hoc, unplanned reread lately, this is an easy fit. I’ll be reading Going Postal by Terry Pratchett.

Monsters University : Monsters University introduced us to… well… Monsters University! Read a book set at university or school.

Jolly Foul Play is the fourth in Robin Stevens’ A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery series. After a couple of books away, the detective duo are back at Deepdean, their private boarding school.

Luca : Luca follows young sea monsters trying to blend in with the humans in their seaside town. Read a book set on or near the sea.

Brethren by W.A. Hoffman. This is one I’ve started before, but wasn’t in the right headspace for, so I want to start again and give it another go. This is a queer, historical pirate story set in the waters around Jamaica.

Have you taken part in the Pixarathon before? Are you considering it this year?

What route and/or film appeal to you?

3 thoughts on “Pixarathon 2021”

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty flexible with most TBRs once we get going, but I like to have a set of strong probabilities or I tend to just sort of… flounder and drift.


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