Seven Books for Seven Days tag

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Today I’m filling out the Seven Books for Seven Days tag that was created by Daryan reads on YouTube. I spotted it over on Shelves of Starlight.

Monday – travel day is always so tiring: name a book that feels like drinking coffee

I think I’m going to go for MEXICAN GOTHIC for this one. It had me right on the edge of my seaat and all twitchy like when you’ve had a cup (or two, or three) too much.

Tuesday – you realise you forgot something important: name a book that was forgettable

Umm… Remembering something forgettable is pretty tricky! I think I’m going to go with MIDDLEMARCH by George Elliott. Middlemarch was a huge disappointment to me and, for a book that was over a thousand pages long, I really don’t remember much of what happened.

Wednesday – you go out for an excursion for the day: name a fast-paced book

I find a lot of YA fantasy is pretty fast paced, but one that really stood out to me recently was ALL THE STARS AND TEETH. It was a really action-packed, non-stop rollercoaster of a book.

Thursday – the most underrated day of the week: name an under hyped book

Why pick just one under-hyped book when you can pick more? Here’s three awesome queer fantasy books, with great female leads, I wish more people were talking about: THE RUTHLESS LADY’S GUIDE TO WIZARDRY, IN THE RAVENOUS DARK AND MALICE.

Friday – you go out for a celebratory dinner: name a book with food on the cover

How cute are these covers? Plus the series is all about magical food and feast so they’d definitely make a good celebration.

Saturday – you don’t want the trip to end: name a book that ended in a cliffhanger

SPIN THE DAWN had a dramatic cliffhanger ending that had me really excited to jump into UNRAVEL THE DUSK.

Sunday – you’re sad the trip is over: name a book that made you cry

Both these Fredrik Backman books — A MAN CALLED OVE and MY GRANDMOTHER SENDS HER REGARS AND APOLOGISES — made me sob like a baby.

6 thoughts on “Seven Books for Seven Days tag”

  1. Your covers of Spin the Dawn and Unravel the Dusk are so much prettier than the ones I’m used to! (Though the US covers aren’t bad… these are just better IMO.)

    I am really curious now about The Confectioner’s Guild series! Magical food is always something that gets my attention.


    1. I rarely think the UK wins the cover wars, but in this case, I really love them. 6SC has a matching one, so I like that the whole ‘universe’ will be in this style (fingers crossed!)


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