#1900to1950 Readathon TBR

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Katie at Books and Things (of the Victober and Jane Austen July readathons) is running a new classics readathon next month. I’ve not read any classics so far this year, and I’ve had all of these on multiple TBRs over the last year so this seems like a really good time to make a real attempt.

#1900to1950 TBR

1. Read a book published 1900–1950 from the country you’re from

  • Rebecca (1938) // Daphne du Maurier
  • Guard Your Daughters (1953) // Diana Tutton
  • Vera (1921) // Elizabeth von Arnim
  • Fräulein Schmidt and Mr Anstruther (1907) // Elizabeth von Arnim

2. Read a book published 1900–1950 from a different country

  • The House of Mirth (1905) // Edith Wharton

3. Read a genre classic, published 1900–1950 (such as classic crime, classic sci-fi, classic fantasy, historical fiction, etc)

  • High Wages (1930) // Dorothy Whipple [A stretch, but set c1912 into the 1920s so I’m calling it historical fiction]

4. Read something published 1900–1950 that isn’t a novel (such as non-fiction, plays, poetry, short stories, etc)

  • The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen (1904) // Elizabeth von Arnim

5. Read a work of literature published 1900–1950 set during or exploring WWI or WWII

  • I’ll be passing on this prompt.

10 thoughts on “#1900to1950 Readathon TBR”

    1. Between primary and secondary school, we did ‘the wars’ about 5 times. As interesting as the period is, it’s never really something I’m interested in now as an adult.


  1. 👋👋Rebecca & House of Mirth are on my #theclassicsclub list !!! How are you getting on with those!? I’ve been wanting to read Mirth for ages and I have a retell/after canon for Rebecca but where I’ve put it now is beyond me… I had intended to read Rebecca first and then the sequel/retell but ooh that was ages ago when I made those plans!!

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    1. For Rebecca my mum had an old 4-book DuMaurier book (from beforeninwas born lol) the I’ve pinched 😅 It’s an absolute brick though, 1000+ pages with itty-bitty text (it also has Jamaica Creek, My Cousin Rachel and Frenchman’s Creek) so I *might* end up buying an ebook by the time I get to it. 😂
      House of Mirth I plan to listen to on Scribd! 😀 I’ve never heard of the narrator before, but I’m going to give her a try.

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    2. Rebecca has been on SO many of my TBRs in the past couple of years. Somehow it just always end up at the back of the list and gets pushed back as I’m stoked for something else. But I really do want to get to it!

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