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Another tag I’ve spotted over at Alice in Bookland. This time we’re looking at reading habits instead of specific books.

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You have twenty thousand books in your TBR. How do you decide which book you will read next?

New releases I’m excited about and ARCs that are due usually come first since they’re fresh in my mind.

Other than that, I love readathons for the community and gameplay feel of them. As a nice bonus, matching up my enormous Goodreads TBR and the books I already own to the prompt is both fun and a great way to prioritise a months reading, often reminding my of books I’d forgotten about.

You’re halfway through a book and you don’t like it at all. Do you abandon it or keep your commitment and finish it?

I’ve never been great for DNFing books. I’m always worried that the story will pick up and I’ll have missed out. But there are so many amazing sounding books on my TBR — and more coming out every month — that I’ve been making more of an effort to be decisive.

The end of the year is approaching and you are far from reaching your goal in the Goodreads book challenge. Are you trying to accelerate now? And how?

I set my Goodreads goal low right at the beginning of the year on purpose.

The covers of a series you love have a different style. How do you get over this?

If this means mid-series changes, it doesn’t really bother me. I rarely keep full series in physical copy anyway.

If it’s recovers of a full series, sometimes I do get jealous when the new design is more appealing. A full series redesign might make me more likely to buy physical copies of a series I’d otherwise have read as ebooks (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Graceling are currently in this category).

Everyone, absolutely everyone loves a book that you just don’t like. Who do you share your impressions with about that book?

I might have a rant on here if I’ve got anything productive to say but I’ll probably just forget about it.

You are reading a book in public and you feel like crying. How do you behave?

Sniff and blink a lot! Grab a hanky.

The new volume of a series you follow has just come out, but you have completely forgotten the previous volume. How do you behave? Reread the previous book? Browse the synopsis on Goodreads? Don’t you read again? Do you just cry desperately?

I try my best to remember and basically dive back in and hope for the best. If I’m really struggling, I might look back at my old review and read over the Goodreads summary.

You don’t want anyone, NOBODY, to borrow your books. How do you say no to people when they ask you to borrow a book?

I’d say no if I minded, but I’m not bothered by people borrowing my books, probably because no-one I know’d be an asshole about it. It’s actually usually the other problem, me pushing books and people and begging them to find time for them.

Reader lock. In the last month you have abandoned at least five novels. How do you get out of it?

Maybe go for a reread of a favourite, read some fanfiction on AO3, watch some TV instead, or pick up some really easy fluffy books.

There are so many books coming out that you are dying to read. How many do you really buy?

Too many but not as many as I’d like to. At some point space becomes an issue.

After buying books you’ve been dying to read, how long do they really have to wait on your shelf before they are read?

Honestly, it could be the day it arrives or it could be years.

5 thoughts on “Reader Problems Tag”

  1. “it could be the day it arrives or it could be years” – I laughed! Most relatable comment ever. I hate that it’s like that – I always get super excited about the book and then it just sits forever!

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  2. I quite love book tags and this one looks fantastic! And I agree with your ways of trying to get out of a reading block, I’ve actually gotten out of mine just earlier this year by having to read a lot of YA books for a book team that I’m on for my state. It worked!

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