Readalong: Kushiel’s Chosen: Week 02/06

I was on my own.

The political machinations are ramping up and, predictably, Phèdre’s right at the heart of it.

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Week One | Beginning through end Chapter Seventeen

Week Two | Chapter Eighteen – Thirty

Week Three| Chapter Thirty-one – Forty-four

Week Four | Chapter Forty-five – Fifty-five

Week Five | Chapter Fifty-six – Seventy

Week Six | Chapter Seventy-one through the end

The fruit of the future is rooted in the soil of history

Marmion Shahrizai has a sudden fall from grace this week. What’s your take on how he handled Persia’s treason – and on how Ysandre handles him? Do you feel sorry for him? Do you think we’ll see him again?

I actually do feel sorry for Marmion. It felt a little sad to see the way it all turned against him, and the desperate, backed-into-a-corner way he was watching for Phèdre. I get the feeling Marmion is one of those rich boy types who hasn’t had anything happen in his life to show him that he’s not as smart as he thinks he is. He got outflanked and blindsided.

I think Ysandre was pretty fair, even though she knows what’s likely to happen, she can’t let it affect her judgement.

I do think he’ll pop up again though

What do you make of Nicola L’Envers y Aragon? Do you trust her? Do you think she’s right in her assessment of Barquiel L’Envers?

I like her so far. She’s not in Phèdre’s league — as it’s pointed out, she sort of playing at spies and intrigue, whereas it’s a part of who Phèdre is — but it’s nice for her to have someone sort of similar, who she can chat to. She needs more friends, especially one she’s not beholden too (like Ysandre) or who works for her (like the boys).

I don’t trust Barquiel L’Envers, but I’m holding out hope for Nicola.

Phèdre returns to the Night Court as a patron, seeking help to understand her dreams. How have your impressions of the Night Court evolved since we first met Phèdre in Cereus House?

I like that we’re seeing new sides to the Night Court, first with Favrielle and now the dream walking. The sexuality running through all the Houses keeps it connected, but it makes them more distinct.

At the beginning of the first book, I remember thinking that all the Houses must make for a very high number of sex workers for one city to support, but having variety makes that more believable.

Much has been made of Joscelin standing at a crossroads. Did any of his choices this week surprise you? Any thoughts on what roads he may walk down – and where they may lead him?

I’m pretty confident Joscelin is always going to follow where Phèdre leads. As long as that holds, I don’t think he’s going to massively surprise me.

I’m glad though that, for now, they seem to have gotten over the more antagonistic side of their disagreements? It was nice to see them at peace with each other (however briefly).

Beautiful and silent, his marble face kept its oblique, secret smile.

Kushiel’s Chosen (Phèdre’s Trilogy #2) by Jacqueline Carey

The land of Terre d’Ange is a place of unsurpassed beauty and grace. The inhabiting race rose from the seed of angels and men, and they live by one simple rule: Love as thou wilt.

Phèdre nó Delaunay was sold into indentured servitude as a child. Her bond was purchased by a nobleman, the first to recognize that she is one pricked by Kushiel’s Dart, chosen to forever experience pain and pleasure as one. He trained Phèdre in the courtly arts and the talents of the bedchamber—and, above all, the ability to observe, remember, and analyze.

When she stumbled upon a plot that threatened the very foundations of her homeland, she gave up almost everything she held dear to save it. She survived, and lived to have others tell her story, and if they embellished the tale with fabric of mythical splendor, they weren’t far off the mark.

The hands of the gods weigh heavily upon Phèdre’s brow, and they are not finished with her. While the young queen who sits upon the throne is well loved by the people, there are those who believe another should wear the crown… and those who escaped the wrath of the mighty are not yet done with their schemes for power and revenge.

7 thoughts on “Readalong: Kushiel’s Chosen: Week 02/06”

  1. Absolutely agree on Marmion – I think he’s just realised he’s neither clever nor brave, and he’s been thoroughly outmanoeuvred. I’m curious that Nicola gave him sanctuary, it definitely makes me think we’ll see him again (perhaps a little more humble).

    I do hope Phèdre and Nicola can be friends – there’s a wholesomeness to their liaisons once Nicola realises she’s not going to outplay the mistress of the game!

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