Victober 2020 TBR

A Good Read. Guglielmo Zocchi (Italian, b.1874). Oil on canvas. | Victorian  paintings, Victorian art, Victorian women

#Victober is a readathon, running in October, which focuses on reading Victorian literature. I’ve took part for the past few years, and while it’s challenging, I really enjoy the community and atmoshere. Plus, I’ve read some really good books, I never would have picked up otherwise.

I’m still not sure about what else I want to read next month (I’ve got some halloween reads I want to add in) so I might not get to all of these (some are hella long…) but I’m going to aim high.

The group book is SHIRLEY BY CHARLOTTE BRONTE (about 600 pages). That one is definitely an optional extra if I somehow learn to live without sleep.

Katie’s challenge: Read a Victorian book that equates to your favourite modern genre

My favourite genre is SFF, specifically fantasy. It was harder than I thought to find some ‘real’ Victorian fantasy but I did find PHANTASTES by George MacDonald (about 200 pages). Paranormal and ghost stories were a lot easier to come across and I’d also like to pick up THE LADY’S WALK by Margaret Oliphant (about 200 pages).

Lucy’s challenge: Read a Victorian diary or collection of letters

I’m 100% cheating on this one. Since the Victober prompts are totally optional, I’m not even going to feel bad about it. THE WOMAN IN WHITE by Wilkie Collins (about 700 pages) is one I’ve wanted to read for a while, especialy for Halloween. It’s fiction, but it’s an epistolary novel, told in letters, so…

Kate’s challenge: Read a new to you book and/or short story by a favourite Victorian author

I’m picking VILLETTE by Charlotte Bronte (about 600 pages). I really liked JANE EYRE and I’m interested in this later book.

Readers’ challenge: Read a Victorian book from a previous Victober TBR that you didn’t get to, or one you’ve been meaning to read for ages

THE HAUNTED HOTEL by Wilkie Collins (about 230 pages). Another spooky one, I’d wanted to read last year. Here’s hoping I like Collins’ writing, since this month, I’ll be reading a lot of it.

General challenge: Read a Victorian book while wearing something Victorian/Victorian-esque

I don’t have any Victorian clothes — although, fun fact, I used to have a job where I dressed up as a Georgian kitchenmaid everyday — but I do have a Bronte mug, so I’ll have some coffee or hot chocolate in that while I’m reading.

6 thoughts on “Victober 2020 TBR”

    1. Thanks! It’s big challenge but I know this readathon has a great community and that should hopefully motivate me. I tend to push the big, difficult ones back and back and back otherwise. 😂


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