Pixarathon TBR

I’m such a huge Disney and Pixar fan that signing up for this readathon was an absolute no brainer!

There’s 14 prompts and a challenge to ‘rewatch’ the prompts if you can in order to reach a total of 28 books.

For now, I’m going to aim for 15 books: one for each of the prompts and one rewatch. I’ve got a lot more free time this month but since it’s Camp NaNoWrioMo and I’m also taking part in two other readathons, I could end up reading loads or very little.

Some of these prompts were pretty tricky, so I’d love to hear suggestions in case I do squeeze in a few more ‘rewatchs’.

Pixarathon runs from 1st to 31st July.

The Twitter account with all the details is @Pixarathon.






Disney Pixar - Toy Story

Toy Story is all about fun, friendship and children’s toys: Read a middle-grade.

The Mesmerist by Ronald L. Smith


Pixar Rewind: 'A Bug's Life' | Rotoscopers

In A Bug’s Life Flick saves the day with one of his inventions: Read a book featuring inventions or an inventor.

Heart of Iron (Heart of Iron, #1) by Ashley Poston


Official Pixar Monster's Inc T-Shirts

To power Monstropolis you need scream power: Read a book that will scare you.

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Burn the Dark (Malus Domestica #1) by S.A. Hunt


Gay Forum - GFO's Top 5 Pixar Films

In Finding Nemo, Dory finds a new family for herself in Marlin and Nemo: Read a book featuring found families.

The Winter Companion (Parish Orphans of Devon #4) by Mimi Matthews


The Incredibles. Shop the winning designs! | Threadless

Even though superheroes are banned, the Parr family still try to save the day: Read a book about fighting for good.

Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron


Disney•Pixar Cars on Steam

Lightning McQueen is on his way to fame and fortune: Read a book featuring celebrities or fame.

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall


Ratatouille | Disney Movies

Linguine and Remy are an odd pair in Ratatouille: Read a book about an unlikely friendship.

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune


Wall-E – 👩🏻‍💻 🤘📺

In Wall.E, Earth has been abandoned because it can no longer sustain life: Read a novel about a dystopian future.

Sparks (Blackout #2) by Kit Mallory


Official Pixar Up T-Shirts

Russell Is a ray of sunshine, but Carl Is as grumpy as can be in the movie UP: Read a book featuring characters with a grumpy/sunshine dynamic.

The Lightning-Struck Heart (Tales From Verania #1) by T.J. Klune


Brave Disney Store Banner - Brave foto (32477663) - Fanpop

In Brave, Merida accidentally gets a curse put on her mother: Read a book featuring an interesting mother/daughter dynamic.

Lady Susan by Jane Austen


Inside Out. Shop the winning designs! | Threadless

Joy is just one of the emotions you get to follow in the movie Inside Out: Read a book that will give you all the feels.

Hairpin Curves by Elia Winters


Good Dinosaur Banner #1 by AN-ChristianComics on DeviantArt

The Good Dinosaur features, you guessed it, dinosaurs, but also cavemen: Read a book that takes place in a historical setting.

Charlotte by Helen Moffett


Review: Coco (2017) – The Pixar Magic Is Here Again – Circle of Cinema

Coco celebrates Mexican music, and culture: Read a book by a Latinx author.

Woven in Moonlight (Woven in Moonlight #1) by Isabel Ibañez


Onward review. Onward Hollywood movie review, story, rating ...

Onward follows two brothers, Ian and Barley, on a quest to break a curse: Read a book with a focus on sibling relationships.

Sisters of Sword and Song by Rebecca Ross




5 thoughts on “Pixarathon TBR”

  1. Great list! I have my TBR list for this (and the #Hamilfilm) scheduled for the start of July, but there were several prompts where I couldn’t think of any books (that I wanted to read right now). This looks like a really fun readathon, though! And good luck with Camp NaNoWriMo!

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