Jane Austen July 2020 TBR

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Jane Austen July is a month-long readathon ran over on Goodreads, all about reading Jane Austen and related works. Ive been meaning to take part for a while, but the timing’s never lined up for me so this is my first year. I’m excited to take part.

The readathon is hosted by  Katie @ Books and Things and Marissa @ Blatantly Bookish.

The Goodreads group (which has the prompts, discussion and links to announcement videos) is here.



1. Read one of Jane Austen’s six novels

Northanger Abbey


2. Read something by Jane Austen that is not one of her main six novels

Lady Susan


3. Read a non-fiction work about Jane Austen or her time

I’m skipping this one.


4. Read a retelling of a Jane Austen book

Charlotte by Helen Moffett


5. Read a book by a contemporary of Jane Austen

A Simple Story by Elizabeth Inchbald


6. Watch a direct screen adaptation of a Jane Austen book

In all honestly I’ll probably rewatch the BBC Pride and Prejudice for the dozenth time.


7. Watch a modern screen adaptation of a Jane Austen book

Bride & Prejudice (2004). It’ll be a rewatch but one I love.





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