#Hamilthon Round 2 TBR



The challenge is running throughout the entire month of March — 01 March to 31st March 2020 in your own timezone.

Find all the information over in the Announcement post here.

I’ve decided to play on #TeamBurr, so I’ll be reading five books for those prompts and then counting pages for whatever else I read next month too. There’s a couple of other readathons I want to take part in so we’ll see what books get added for those later.




Leslie Odom Jr.  —  Read a book that has won an award.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


Dear Theodosia  —  Read a book with a name in the title.

Dorothy in the Land of Monsters (Oz ReVamped #1) by Garten Gevedon


Ladies, tell your husbands vote for Burr  —  Read a book by female author.

The Ninescore Mystery by Emmuska Orczy


Wait for it…–  Read a book that’s been on your TBR for a while.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon


Like you could grab a beer with him  —  Read a book with food or drink in the title or on the cover.

The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo



5 thoughts on “#Hamilthon Round 2 TBR”

  1. Sounds like a great TBR! I really want to re-read And Then There Were None again. I’ve read it twice (once in my teens and once probably ten-fifteen years ago?) and really enjoyed it both times. And I was freaked out by it both times, despite knowing how it ended the second time. Great pick — but I hadn’t realized it had won an award!

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    1. You’re absolutely right 🙈 The copy I bought had a sticker on the cover, I just assumed was one of those “winner of” things. Its not lol. Thanks for pointing it out! I’m still going to read it this month, but I’ve got time to find something new for the prompt 😂


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