Hit Your 2019 Target: 5 Books 55-Pages or Less

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We’re getting closer and closer!

Last week, I gave you 5 books under 75 pages to help you hit those pesky GoodReads targets before the end of 2019.

If you’re still frantically struggling to fit in a few extra books before the end of the end, here’s another five great books, the longest of which is only 55 pages long. You can read most of these in less than a hour.


Beauty, Glory, Thrift

Beauty, Glory, Thrift by Alison Tam

I am Thrift and I want to leave this place, and see the far ends of the universe, and never spend another moment in stasis ever again. Take my hand and bring me with you…

On a lost planet in the depths of space, goddess-sisters Beauty, Glory and Thrift split their time between stasis and bickering, forever waiting for new visitors to their forgotten temple. Enter a thief, who comes searching for treasure but instead finds Thrift—the least of the goddesses—who offers powers of frugality in exchange for her escape.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


Wet Nails

Wet Nails by Shira Glassman

Lonely grad student Adina Greenberg is in for a treat when the glamorous ghost of Rose Hamilton, her favorite 1950s Hollywood actress, comes out of the television to give her a manicure and great sex. This story explores contrasting versions of bisexuality: Adina’s open preference for women vs. the closets and dangers of Rose’s era.


The Disastrous Début of Agatha Tremain

The Disastrous Début of Agatha Tremain by Stephanie Burgis

The last thing Agatha Tremain wants to do is leave her solitary study of magic behind to make a glittering social début in London. When she’s forced into town by her sinister aunt, though, she discovers she’s not the only girl who doesn’t fit in there – and everything she’s ever believed about magic may be wrong.

A witty, romantic f/f YA Victorian fantasy novelette about a girl determined to claim her own power…and the unexpected romance that she finds along the way!


House of Secrets

House of Secrets by Stephanie Burgis

Raised in hiding in the country and knowing nothing of her mother, Lily has been taught from birth that her existence can only bring shame to her wealthy father. But when she nears her seventeenth birthday, she is finally summoned to her father’s house in town…and discovers that everything she thought about herself was wrong.

And now she is a prisoner.

Locked among all the other mysteries in her father’s grand house – including one young man who could be an ally or an enemy – she may finally discover the truth about her own nature…and exactly why her father considers her so valuable after all.


Gale: A Sci-fi Novella

Gale: A Sci-fi Novella by Lyssa Chiavari

Miranda doesn’t want to be different. On Gale, being different can get you killed. When her seizures began, Miranda tried to keep her abnormality secret. But then the visions started—ominous hallucinations of strange lights in the sky, an otherworldly monster with wings like a dragon, and a girl who appeared from the clouds like a bolt of lightning. Despite the ever-present threat of the Watch, Miranda is determined to find out what the visions mean. Little does she know that the answers might lead her to freedom…

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