It can be a tough month — coming out of the holiday highs — and sometimes it feels like you don’t actually get a proper handle on the new year until it’s almost February.

I want to get off to a flying start this reading year and I have a lot of ARC reviews due early on. So, from 1st to 31st January, I’ll be running a very low-stress readathon: #HappyNewCLEAR.

The goal is to clear out old commitments and forge a path through the year ahead.

This could be (like me) making a real dent in those January/February ARCs, finishing up a series you promised yourself you’d finish in 2019, or wrapping up all those readathon TBR loose threads.

If you’d like to join me, please do let me know in the comments!

I’d love to see any TBR plans (even if they’re tentative, like mine). You can also tag me (@foxesfairytale) or use the hashtag #HappyNewCLEAR to keep in touch on Twitter/Instagram.

We can do this!


Here’s my TBR


The Piper’s Pursuit
Melanie Dickerson
3 Dec 2019

The Weight of a Soul
Elizabeth Tammi
3 Dec 2019

Come Tumbling Down
Seanan McGuire
7 Jan 2020


A Throne of Swans
Katharine Corr; Elizabeth Corr
9 Jan 2020

Beyond the Shadowed Earth
Joanna Ruth Meyer
14 Jan 2020

Eoin Colfer
28 Jan 2020


Blood Countess
Lana Popovic
28 Jan 2020

Prosper’s Demon
K. J. Parker
28 Jan 2020

Belle Révolte
Linsey Miller
1 Feb 2020


Journaled to Death
Heather Redmond
4 Feb 2020 31

Requiem for a Knave
Laura Carlin
6 Feb 2020

9 thoughts on “#HappyNewCLEAR TBR”

  1. Hallo, Hallo Lou,

    As foresaid, I’m joining you!! 🙂 I have a lot of stories I need to address in New Year, as I’m continuing to participate in #BeatTheBackList as I want to continue to knock out my book blogger’s backlogue of reviews – some of which sadly are older ARCs, so I honestly *love!* the fact you’ve conceived of a readathon strictly to focus on those stories and/or NonFic titles whilst also helping us put a positive stamp and mark on a New Year of Reading!! Bless you!!

    PS: I’ll write up a proper participation post closer to the first week of January,… will be tweeting, etc

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    1. I’m so happy you’ve got goals that match up Jorie! Honestly, I promised myself I’d be more restrained and less stressed next year, but I must have lost track of how many early year ARCs I’d requested.

      I really want to dedicate bit of time each month to clearing through some of my older ARCs too.

      Hopefully we can cheer each other on and this will be a good start to the year! 😊

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      1. I actually started working on my 2020 Reading Challenges page — I’ve rejoined #BeatTheBacklist for the New Year as I really liked how that helped me reduce my backlogue whilst I happily received my badge and bingo card for #ArmedWithABingo challenge – I’m trying to decide which challenges I attempted last year I want to either a) reattempt in 2020 or b) go my own way. Mostly, its the bingo cards from, the Beat the Backlist bingo cards (small and epic) and the Armed with a Bingo card I’m most eager to be using… plus I have one for Science Fiction & Horror for themed reads lateron in the year I’ll be using too.

        This is why when I saw you were hosting this challenge I felt… goodness, this aligns so well for me!!

        I’ll definitely nudge you and cheer you on! I’d love the same… as I’ve been so determined this past year to read my past ARCs and past review books, but between life and adverse tides, I just couldn’t get into each of them but happily I made positive progress from 2018! So I took that as a win?!

        I also listed my re-attempt to read #ADayeAMonth in 2020 on my #BeatTheBacklist announcement!! Shh! This page is still hidden as I haven’t updated my top menus yet! lol You can comment though… 🙂

        I’m hoping to release my reading challenges main page late tonight as it was giving me a lot of joy to work on earlier whilst I was releasing the finale review for “The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen” series. I’ll happily tag you once it goes live!!

        Lovely we have similar set aside goes for 2020… I have good hopes my 7th Year as a Book Blogger is going to be a good one!! Here’s to our mutually planned goals being accomplished!


          1. I just added the badge I created for the readathon!! 🙂 I think it looks rather snazzy and happily its inspiring just looking at it!! Also, Destiny @ Howling Libraries is hosting a year long ARC challenge if you need more time to get through your ARCs? I am going to join that one as well… as I don’t have as many ARCs as she does as I have more finished copies on my backlogue — but I thought it would be grand to help encourage each other on the goals we share in common.

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