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NEWTS Readathon 2019 Wrap-Up

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For all the information about these readathons, check out BookRoast’s channel, especially this video all about this round of the NEWTS.



The career I was aiming for this year was Broom Maker. To get the job, I needed to get an EE in Arithmancy, an EE in Herbology and an A in Charms. I also picked a couple of extra credits.


Here’s how I did and what I read.



A – Mandrake! Put your headphones on! Listen to an audiobook or read a book with a green cover: Death in Dark Blue (A Writer’s Apprentice Mystery #2) by Julia Buckley.


EE – Read a book with between 350 and 390 pages: The Bees by Laline Paull.


This was such an unexpected favourite for me! I was very unsure about reading a book where the main character is a bee, and it took me a little while to get the hang of it, but I ended up loving it!

O – Read a book with a flower on the cover: Murder, Handcrafted (Amish Quilt Shop Mystery #5) by Isabella Alan.



Care of Magical Creatures 

A – A book title that starts with the letter A, for Aragog: Assault and Pepper (A Spice Shop Mystery #1) by Leslie Budewitz


EE – Book under 300 pages: A Dark and Twisting Path (A Writer’s Apprentice Mystery #3) by Julia Buckley.




A – A book you think has a gorgeous cover: Past Due for Murder (Blue Ridge Library Mysteries #3) by Victoria Gilbert


EE – For this one I used the Confundus Charm BookRoast gave us and switched the prompt out for the group book, Spellslinger (Spellslinger #1) by Sebastien de Castell


O – Spongify (softening charm), read a paperback book: Bloody January (Harry McCoy #1)  by Alan Parks




A – A book that ends on an even page number: Haunted House Murder by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis & Barbara Ross.


EE – Read a standalone: SLAY by Brittney Morris


The last book I finished for the readathon and another unexpected favourite! I wasn’t 100% sure the video-game focus would work for me, but I loved the whole book.

O – A book that’s longer than 350 pages: The Deathless Girls by Kiran Millwood Hargrave.





A – Read a book with LGBTQIA+ representation: Witchmark (The Kingston Cycle #1) by C.L. Polk


EE – Read a book that’s not the first in a series: The Winter Long (October Daye #8) by Seanan McGuire 





The Dragon Republic

A – Read a white book: The Dragon Republic (The Poppy War #2) by R.F. Kuang


My review of The Dragon Republic



Report Card

Herbology Grade: Outstanding / Total Pages Read: 969

Care of Magical Creatures Grade: Exceeds Expectations / Total Pages Read: 562

Divination Grade: Acceptable / Total Pages Read: 560

Transfiguration Grade: Exceeds Expectations / Total Pages Read: 676

Arithmancy Grade: Outstanding / Total Pages Read: 1056

Charms Grade: Outstanding / Total Pages Read: 973

Total Pages Overall: 4796

12 thoughts on “NEWTS Readathon 2019 Wrap-Up”

    1. The Bees had been on my TBR for so long! But something just kept putting me off. One of those one I feel silly for sleeping on for so long lol.
      I hope you enjoy The Poppy War! I really liked that too.


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