#mythothon Round 2: Announcement Post


Climb the World Tree, Yggdrasill!

Learn the secrets of true wisdom and magic with Odin.

Make mischief with Loki.

Fight alongside Thor.



Sign-ups are open now and will remain open throughout the readathon (latecomers are welcome!).

The readathon itself will run from 1st to the 30th September in your own timezone.

Please feel free to post Twitter updates, reading sprints, Instagram photos or just generally share how you’re getting on with the readathon using the hashtag #mythothon2. Follow and tag @mythothon for updates, info and retweets.

Any questions, just let me know!



Create a full or partial TBR on any platform that suits you — YouTube, Twitter, blog post, Goodreads etc. — and leave a link in the comment to join up. I’d really appreciate if you could also provide a link back to this information page in your post.



If it can be added on Goodreads, it counts — novellas, graphic novels, audiobooks etc. are all fair game.

One book per square.

Your TBR can change over the course of the readathon.

There are a couple of different ways to play: it’s entirely up to you! Get a five-in-a-row bingo line, tackle the Nine World prompts in the centre (blue) or challenge the gods around the outside (yellow). This should mean you can increase or decrease how challenging you make your month. I’d love to hear what you’ve decided on!



Image result for norse squirrelFrom Wikipedia: “In Norse mythology, Ratatoskr is a squirrel who runs up and down the world tree Yggdrasil to carry messages between the eagle perched atop Yggdrasil, and the serpent Níðhöggr, who dwells beneath one of the three roots of the tree.

In case of an emergency, Ratatoskr can carry you over a square. This will let you switch that prompt out for any book by a marginalised author (POC, queer, disabled etc.). You can switch one prompt using Ratatoskr over the course of the readathon. If you want any clarification on this, just let me know.




To be clear, the books you choose DO NOT need to be mythology related to count, they just need to fit the prompt. For anyone who really wants to max their #mythothon2 game and work more norse retellings and mythology-inspired books into their TBR, I’ll have a list of suggestions for you to look out for next week.




HELHEIM – LAND OF THE DISHONOURABLE DEAD: Read a book about or featuring death in a significant way.


SVARTALFHEIM – LAND OF THE DWARVES: Read a book that’s less than 250 pages in length.


NIFLHEIM – REALM OF MIST: Read a book with a “cold” coloured cover.


MUSPELHEIM – REALM OF FIRE: Read a book with a “hot” coloured cover.


MIDGARD – LAND OF HUMANS: Read a contemporary novel.


ALFHEIM – LAND OF THE ELVES: Read a book that’s part of a series.




VANAHEIMR – LAND OF THE VANIR GODS: Read an award-winning or nominated book.


ASGARD – LAND OF THE ÆSIR GODS: Read any book you choose!


ODIN, GOD OF WISDOM AND MAGIC: Read a non-fiction book.


THOR, GOD OF THUNDER: Read a book that makes a lot of noise: hyped, controversial etc.


FRIGG, GODDESS OF BEAUTY, LOVE, FERTILITY AND FATE: Read a book with a fantasy or magical element.


HEL, GODDESS OF THE UNDERWORLD: Read a book with a duel or multi-POV.


FREYA, GODDESS OF LOVE, FERTILITY AND BEAUTY: Read a book with a beautiful cover.


BALDUR, GOD OF BEAUTY, KILLED BY MISTLETOE: Read a book set around a holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Diwali etc.)




FREYR, GOD OF FERTILITY: Read a book with a sequel.




SKADI, GODDESS OF HUNTING AND WINTER: Read a book with a weapon on the cover.


HUGINN AND MUNINN, ODIN’S RAVENS: ‘THOUGHT’ AND ‘MEMORY’: Read a book set in the past.


TYR, GOD OF WAR, LOST A HAND TO FENRIR: Read a book with a disabled character.


MIMIR, GOD OF WISDOM, DECAPITATED: Read a book with a face on the cover.


SLEIPNIR, AN EIGHT-LEGGED HORSE: Read a book about an animal or with an animal on the cover.


BRAGI, GOD OF POETRY: Read some poetry.


LOKI, GOD OF MISCHIEF: Read a standalone novel.


If you have any other questions, please comment or contact me via twitter 🙂

43 thoughts on “#mythothon Round 2: Announcement Post”

  1. You know I,am going to read a book for every prompt right? But not sure how I,am going to go about it just yet as I am holiday beginning of September for a week so going to plan what books to take with me for this first then see what I can take with my on holiday. But really so excited about this.
    I will create a blog post right her on word press of my TBR probably on Tuesday, maybe earlier.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so thrilled you’re excited enough to try for so many prompts! ❤❤❤
      I’m actually on holiday for the last week of the month so I’m going to make sure I find a decent number of ebooks to work into my TBR!


      1. Of course I am. I always have a load of books ready to read, that way I have something for any mood that I am feeling. So getting one for each prompt and then just reading what I feel is the perfect way to go.
        Hope you ejoy your holiday. Also the Legend of Zelda readathon will take place in November and December. I will make more announcements on it during September and towards the end of this month. So look out for that. Currently writing up a blog for my Mythothon TBR so that should e up in a couple of hours.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow it’s back… I had a difficult time last time because I was attempting to read so many, but I’ll try to make a realistic tbr this time 😜😜😜 I’m already excited 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hallo, Hallo Louise!

    Hmm,… I might actually do something rather unique this year as I never had the chance to properly re-attach into the selections I found last year… I am going to see which stories from last year fit this year’s prompts – adding those first and then, rooting round to find which Norse Myths & Mythos I can spy out which fit this year’s epic bingo card directly — I also want to be more proactive to see which stories I can source locally rather than ILLs as my ILLs are on sabbatical right now as my state went bananas and removed the sources for “time unknown” — so lovely, eh? I have three local libraries for print and three for audiobooks; fingers crossed I can sort it out.

    I might take August to develop my List for #Mythothon2 — revealling it closer to the start date of 1st September as you know how I like to iron these things out!! lol

    Eek. Next to #WyrdAndWonder, my INSPY readathon in July, Austen in August & #SpooktasticReads (a la the spooky side of Wyrd And Wonder) — this is my FAVOURITE reading challenge outside of #RRSciFiMonth!!

    Thanks for hosting a second year!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Thank you! I’m looking forward to taking part in my first #SpooktasticReads in October! I’ve already started setting books aside that I think will be a good fit!

      That’s a bit disappointing about your libarary, but it sounds like you’ll stll have a good selection to choose from, and you can always get a bit creative with the prompts. 😉 You know I’ll be excited to see your TBR whenever you get it hammered down. I’m still wiggling things around and trying to make my choices fit.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG! I’m so happy that this is back! 😃
    I’ve just posted my TBR for all the prompts but I’m not sure yet which prompts I will choose in the end as I don’t have the time to read all of these 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m super excited for the readathon! It sounds awesome! I do have a question though. Do books that I haven’t finished in August count for this or do I need to start it in September? I know some people are picky about it! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can totally use your own judgement on what you think is fairplay 😊 I’m not going to police anyones reading! Obviously if you’re on the last chapter, it’s a bit different, but I think it’s up to you 😊 I hope you enjoy the readathon!
      Because I’m nosy, can I ask what you’re currently reading? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m currently reading The Devouring Gray, Three Dark Crowns, and Blanca and Roja! I’m usually for starting books at the beginning of the month but since school started, I haven’t found the time to finish them. And I want to take my time with them because I’m really enjoying them and don’t want to complete them just for a challenge!

        Even though I’m in school, I love readathons way too much and join too many but I love participating so I’m super excited! Hopefully I can find a reading routine that works for me!

        Liked by 1 person

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