TTT: Auto-Buy Authors

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July 16: Auto-Buy Authors

Here’s a couple of author’s whose books I’ve always enjoyed and I’m happy to buy without even knowing too much about the latest book’s plot.

Do you have any auto-buy authors? Who are they?


Seanan McGuire (aka. Mira Grant)




Shaun David Hutchinson




Rick Riordan




Madeline Miller




Mimi Matthews




Fredrik Backman



22 thoughts on “TTT: Auto-Buy Authors”

  1. My only auto-buy author used to be RoAnna Sylver, but honestly, Seanan McGuire made it onto that list this year, which is… not good for my bank account, with the number of books she writes.

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  2. Seanan McGuire made my list as well, and I totally forgot about Shaun David Hutchinson, because he belongs there too. Oh well! Great list!

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  3. Seanan McGuire is 100% on my list too! Though… I have yet to try any of her Mira Grant books, so those aren’t included for me (yet). I own the bitey mermaid books though (Rolling in the Deep & Into the Drowing Deep) and just need to work up the nerve to read them.

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    1. Yep! The Grant books lean more towards horror and the McGuire books more towards fantasy 😊 Into the Drowning Deep is one of my absolute favourites!


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