My 20 Favourite 2019 Reads So Far!

Which have you read?

What did you think of them?

Which are on your TBR?



12 thoughts on “My 20 Favourite 2019 Reads So Far!

  1. From your list I’ve also read and loved Witches Abroad and Middlegame!

    I would add Martha Wells’ All Systems Red and Artificial Condition, as well as Seanan McGuire’s In an Absent Dream to my list of this year’s favorites so far.

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  2. Aw, Poor Toby didn’t make the list? 😀 I’m glad you liked Middlegame so much though, I’m curious about that one.

    Still haven’t read Daughter of the Sun, but Queen of Rhodia was so good.

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    1. It’s weird, but I think reading so many books in the same series has kind of made me think of Toby as an overall thing, rather than individual books? I don’t even know lol

      I really reccomend Daughter of the Sun. The characters are different (but you’ll have met them in book 3) but I absolutely loved them!

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