ARC Review: A Thread of Darkness


SERIES: Queen Bees Quilt Shop #2


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A Thread of Darkness (Queen Bees Quilt Shop #2)As owners of the popular bistro The French Quarter, former New York City restauranteurs Picasso and Laurel St. Pierre are the toast of the town of Crestwood, Kansas. Chef Picasso’s culinary creations delight the women of the quilting club, who have embraced him as a friend. But Laurel’s anti-social behavior confuses Kate Simpson—until she spots Mrs. St. Pierre with another man in what appears to be a lover’s spat.

Gossip travels fast in a small town like Crestwood, and rumor has it this isn’t Laurel’s first indiscretion. She also filed a police report accusing Picasso of domestic abuse. And when Laurel’s murdered body is found Picasso is the prime suspect. To prove their friend’s innocence, Kate and the Crestwood Quilters must uncover the secrets of Laurel’s past—a patchwork history wrapped up in Kate’s own teenage years.

A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.


A Thread of Darkness is the second instalment to the Queen Bees Quilt Shop Mystery series by Sally Goldenbaum.

threadofdarkness.pngI really like the way the group works in these works. There’s quite a big cast of quilters/ sleuths — around eight, I think? — but they’re all very individual. Some are far more prevalent in the story than others — Po and Kate are the leads, I would say — but most of the time each one has a specific part to play and it keeps things interesting. Together they all make a formidable investigative team and Jacques is lucky to have them all on his side!

There were a couple of misdirects but no obvious red-herrings and to, to be honest, I had a pretty strong idea about the killer before the final reveal. As I’ve pointed out before though, solving the mystery usually isn’t my biggest interest while reading cosies. I’m far more interested in the characters and the setting. A Thread of Darkness has lots of great character development. It builds on things we saw in the first book, adding more details to the small town community and weaving through a bit more history to the characters.

This was a really quick read for me and another strong instalment in the Queen Bees Quilt Shop series.


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