TTT: Unpopular Bookish Opinions

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June 11: Unpopular Bookish Opinions (submitted by Kaitlin Galvan @ Somehow I Manage Blog)

I’m never really sure of which opinions are unpopular or not, to be honest, so please let me know which of these you agree or disagree with. Also, let me know your unpopular opinion so I can see whether I agree or not!

In no particular order…



I don’t really understand when people go crazy over Special Editions or matching covers. No offence, but it’s usually Americans complaining when they don’t get, and usually the people with the most access. They’re nice to have, but I hate seeing the Twittersplosion.



I’m old and I remember all the Cassandra Clare/ Harry Potter drama. I tried City of Bones and honestly thought it was pretty meh. Some of the covers are stunning, but I’ve no intention of reading the rest of the series or watching Shadowhunters.



I didn’t love Children of Blood and Bone. *shrug* I’ve no intention of picking up the sequel.



They seem to be falling out of favour, but I still love royalty-centric stories and chosen ones.



Audiobooks are one of my favourite ways to consume books.

30 thoughts on “TTT: Unpopular Bookish Opinions”

  1. Hallo, Hallo Louise!!

    lol πŸ™‚ I can agree with you on Cassandra Clare! I never understood the popularity of her books – I didn’t even bother picking them up because when I went to seek them out (just to see, mind) I noticed that they were a) written in a style I wouldn’t enjoy and b) there was a heap of controversy surrounding those books…

    In regards to book covers – I do like to have them matching but I don’t fall into the category of having better access to purchase; I have a humble book buying budget same as everyone else; recently as seen I’m not purchasing the October Daye series, I’m waiting on my fellow patrons to return them to the library so I have a chance to read them. I do sometimes try to get matching covers but if a new series of covers releases, I’m not going to rush to get them – I still remember being dearly disappointed after buying the HP sets for America & the UK they went ahead and *re-did!* the whole set all over again?? *why!??* I digress.

    Most of my series are a bit hit/miss – meaning, I have some of the books but not all. The ones I am missing I borrow through the library and therefore, half the time I’m reading them as a borrowed book moreso than a book I actually own. I honestly *live!* inside my library,… #justsayin’

    Children of Blood and Bone wasn’t even on my radar… lol

    I love a good story set in a parliamentary setting with Royals, etc or even Historicals where we are at Court or a Fantasy lovely that involves a Court… etc I’m with you on that one! πŸ™‚

    Mine as well! I can’t get enough audiobooks! In fact, I think my libraries are increasing how many I can check-out theoretically in 3wks as I just noticed I have 18x checked out!? A bit mad that… but I’m not even sure if I’ll soak into them, at least it will make listening a bit of an adventure this Summer!

    Lovely, list!

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  2. Because of my vision, most of my ”library” is electronic. Covers mean nothing to me. However, I do love a rare first edition.
    I did not like Children of Blood and Bone β€” not my favorite.
    I do not like audiobooks because I have no attention span.

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  3. I am not American but I do have decent access – I’m Canadian. I am not 100% set in my ways about matching covers. I do use a couple bookshelves in my living room as more decoration though – so that is why I personally want matching ones and collector’s edition’s for that room. It’s like buying a nice painting for me – I just like the look. I don’t buy 50 copies of every book though, that hurts my head lol I also don’t have near the access that the Americans do to some of the real fancy stuff.

    I loved Children of Blood and Bone, but it’s ok lol

    I will fight for audiobooks till the death but I’m not very good at them. I do enjoy them but my attention span is poor and I fidget.

    I don’t have a big opinion on Clare. I read one book, it was enjoyable. I thought it was a bit cheesy but enjoyable cheese lol

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  4. Yup, I’m here for most of these!

    #1 – So, story. I ran an instagram giveaway and one of the winners ended up getting a cover that didn’t match her set because Book Depository was using an outdated cover image… and basically it became my problem that she didn’t like it. And I’m nice and I ordered her a different book (turns out the cover she wanted was actually out of print) but GEEZ spoiled much.

    #4 – I love royalty centric books? I’m sort of tired of the “nobody who comes out of the ashes knowing everything perfectly” trope. Send me some princesses darnit.

    #5 – While maybe not my favorite, audiobooks come at a close second. Audiobooks are the BEST.

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  5. Great list! I must admit I couldn’t connect with audiobooks for a long time, but ever since I bought my car I’ve listened to them while I drive and it’s been SO FUN, so they’re definitely a way I’m starting to consume books more and more. I haven’t read COBAB yet, but I also have a feeling I’m not going to love it, and while I do love my series to match I do agree with what you’re saying – I’m in a very privileged position if I’m in a position to complain about my books not matching on my shelf!

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  6. So I’ve never read a Cassandra Clare book. I’ve always been curious but just don’t know if I ever will. I may have missed that boat. Wait, I did read a MG by her and Holly Black and it was decent. I really wish I could listen to audiobooks but then tend to put me to sleep. Also, I love music and if I liked audiobooks, I’d have a hard time managing both. Great list!

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    1. I love how portable they are! I can read them on nature walks and at work 😊 I also think the right narrator just adds yet another layer to the story and characters.

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  7. If I’m planning on keeping the book and love the cover, then I want the matching ones. If I’m just buying the series to read, though, and am not particularly attached, then I don’t care as much.

    I read the first of Clare’s books, but I wasn’t aware of the drama at the time. It still wasn’t a good enough book for me to be interested in continuing. And I’m not even interested in trying Children of Blood and Bone.

    And I LOVE audiobooks. They’re such a great addition to my bookshelf.

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  8. I’ve read the first two books by Cassandra Clare, and I never got into them either. They weren’t super bad, just… meh. They didn’t ressonate. So yeah, not going to read the rest of the series either.

    And I also didn’t love Children of Blood and Bone. Sure, it had some nice elements, but it also had some flaws that prevented me from being interested in the sequel.

    I also have several books in series that don’t match. :’) I do try, but sometimes it doesn’t work out and it’s a waste of money to replace them just so it looks good on my shelf?

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    1. Definetly agree! Meh is the perfect description. I do buy the covers I like Not, but like you say, I rarely see the point in paying to replace them all. Thanks for commenting! ❀

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