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Writing Gloves [from Literary Book Gifts]

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We’re heading into the middle of summer here so it feels a little strange to be writing about gloves, but when Literary Book Gifts contacted me about trying a pair of their writing gloves I couldn’t resist. I received a complimentary pair of writing gloves in exchange for an honest review.


Even in the warmest weather, I always have really cold hands and fingers (and the air-con they insist on blasting in my local ‘writing’ coffee shop doesn’t help either) but wearing actual gloves doesn’t exactly make it easy to hold a pen or use a keyboard. These writing gloves are really useful: they cover a good bit of your fingers but because they’re thin and fingerless you can still get on with whatever writing method you like.



The gloves are soft and very comfortable to wear (containing about 35% cashmere wool) and they come in 13 different colours, so there should be a pair for most tastes.

Heather Grey
Heather Navy Blue
Heather Purple
Dark Green
Light Heather Grey
Electric Blue
Wine Red
Heather Coffee Brown
Blush Pink

I chose Heather Purple (which you can see in the photographs). It’s a really nice shade of purple: dark enough not to look cheap, but with a bit of texture through it.

I really like these writing gloves and, to be honest, I’m surprised I haven’t thought of buying myself something like them before. If you’re interested in getting yourself (or a writer friend) a pair, you can check out Literature Book Gifts’ website here. There are also literature themed t-shirts and tote bags available.

7 thoughts on “Writing Gloves [from Literary Book Gifts]”

    1. I’ve always wanted to be able to knit but I’ve tried a few times and it’s just not my skill set šŸ™ That’s great that you can make things exactly the way you want them.

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  1. Hallo, Hallo Louise,

    I was all excited about these gloves – as I’ve been wanting to find some to help me with my hands – however, the disappointing bit for me is they include poly in their fibres! šŸ˜¦ I find it so frustrating that a lot of brands are using poly this or that – its difficult to avoid and it drives me batty! However, the concept behind the gloves and the way you said their ‘light enough to type, write, etc’ is what pulled me into the post.

    I can knit myself but I’m not into fingerless gloves yet – my personal wheelhouse is more akin to prayer shawls at the moment but I want to expand out of that to include not just gloves, but tunics, blankets and other wearables in the future. So perhaps… I’ll sort out a pattern and a lightweight version of these myself with fibres I can wear.

    Still. I loved the post and its a good s/o for those who need gloves!

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      1. I swear I have loads of thin, fingerless gloves and they are honest to god just gloves? Gloves I write in sometimes? Huge props to the people who actually made a product though, I wish I’d thought of it!

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