TTT: Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

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March 5: Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

This week’s prompt was a bit of a challenge! Afterall, most of the characters in the books I read are going through some terrible trauma or about to watch all of their friends die.

Who did you pick this week?


harry potter

A generic Hogwarts student

Ideally avoiding Dark Lords and Death Eaters, of course. And the Potter family drama in general. But who doesn’t want to visit magical places like Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley? And you get actual magic too!

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling


Book Depository


the lunar chronicles.jpg

Queen Levana

I’m not saying she was a good person, but she really had it all for a while there, right?

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

My reviews of the series.


Book Depository

Kath Rutledge

This one’s a little more realistic I guess. Kath owns and runs a lovely little fiber art shop in idyllic Blum Plum. She gets to spend her days crafting, eating delicious food form the local Deli and solving the occasional murder (to keep my problem-solving skills up obviously!).

The Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries by Mollie MacRae

My reviews of Crewel and Unusual


Book Depository




She can read so many books and move things with her mind!

Matilda by Roald Dahl


Book Depository

Percy Jackson and Olympians.jpg

Annabeth Chase

She’s smart, brave and gets to hang out at Camp Halfblood.

Percy Jackson and Olympians by Rick Riordan


Book Depository

the immortals quartet tamora pierce.jpg

Veralidaine Sarrasri

Not only can she talk to animals, she can transform into one and has an adoptive dragon.

The Immortals Quartet by Tamora Pierce


Book Depository

50 thoughts on “TTT: Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With”

  1. awesome list! I love your disclaimer with the generic Hogwarts student (add in: avoid the DADA teacher who is evil or dangerous most years…avoid getting caught in the cross-fire of inter-house rivalry…) and Queen Levana is an ingenious suggestion because yah, she had a good run there for a long while! plus Daine and Matilda are two of my childhood faves ❤

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  2. Great list! I haven’t read any Tamora Pierce and I really need to. I completely agree with you about being a generic Hogwarts student – fighting Voldemort would be terrifying, so if I could just have 7 amazing years at a magical boarding school instead that’d be great.

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  3. “A Generic Hogwarts Student” is interesting to imagine because. If you’re there when Harry was there. You’d trying to study for exams or something and just WAITING to see what happens to interrupt your plans. Giant snake? Escaped convicts? The actual dark lord?

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    1. I always imagine the other students being really bemused by the trio. Like, “Oh look, Potter’s trailing blood through the Great Hall again. Sigh,” and going back to their homework.


  4. A random Hogwarts student is what I replied to someone too haha! the dream! And trading places with a character owning a little shop… that would be wonderful! I’m curious about this series now!

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  5. Daine was my idol growing up, I think I wanted to be her more than anybody. Although generic Hogwarts student is a good choice too, I definitely daydreamed about having homework where I had to write about the ways to detect werewolves!

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  6. If I read Matilda, it was so long ago I don’t remember… but yes to reading lots of books!

    I like the lines in “Tangled”

    “And then I read a book or maybe two or three…”

    and after lunch…

    “Then I’ll reread the books if I have time to spare”

    I want Rapunzel’s reading ability too!

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  7. This is a great list! I really like that you chose a generic Hogwarts student as opposed to one of the big main characters. I would definitely love to attend Hogwarts just as myself.

    I’ve actually been wanting to try some cozy mysteries. Would The Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries be a good place to start for somebody that’s never read anything like that before or do you have another suggestion?

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  8. I would totally love to be some random Ravenclaw student! Maybe a few years older than Harry so I’d have graduated before all the craziness starts!

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  9. I’ve heard *so* many crazy good things about the Lunar books, but as of yet, haven’t read any of them – or anything by Marissa for that matter. Someday I should remedy this. 😀

    Thanks for the Finding Wonderland visit last week.

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