2019 Reading Goals


Page will be updated at the end of each month.



#ADayeAMonth Twitter Discussion Threads

#1 Rosemary and Rue

#2 A Local Habitation

#3 An Artificial Night

#4 Late Eclipses

#5 One Salt Sea

#6 Ashes of Honor

#7 Chimes at Midnight

#8 The Winter Long

#9 A Red-Rose Chain

#10 Once Broken Faith

#11 The Brightest Fell

#12 Night and Silence


Cornerfolds Retelling Bingo 2019

Beauty and the Beast: A Curse So Dark and Lonely
Set in a Foreign Country Still Star-Crossed
Standalone The Sisters of the Winter Wood
Wonderland Ever Alice
Award Winning ???
One Word Title Galatea
Bronte or Austen The Vanished Bride
Native American The Storm Runner
2019 Release A Thousand Ships
Egyptian The Chaos of Stars
Greek The Cold Is in Her Bones
Debut The Beholder
Free The Deathless Girls
Shakespeare Miranda in Milan
Asian Shadow of The Fox
Indie Caged Bird Rising
Russian The Winter of the Witch
Weapon on Cover Between the Blade and the Heart
Norse Freya
Peter Pan The Wendy
500+ Pages Stain
Set in Space All the Windwracked Stars
Middle Eastern Toads and Diamonds
Brothers Grimm Stepsister
10+ Years Old Maskerade