TTT: Cozy (Mystery) Reads


December 4: Cozy/Wintry Reads (Make this prompt suit your current season if needs be.)

I decided to take the prompt pretty literally this week and share with you some of my favouite (and some I’m desperate to get my hands on) cozy mystery novels.

Cozy (Mystery) Reads I’ve Enjoyed

Vampire Knitting Club Series by Nancy Warren

(Currently 3 Books)

Christmas Tree Farm Mystery Series by Jacqueline Frost

(Currently 2 Books, I’ve read 2)

Cora Crafts Mystery Series by Mollie Cox Bryan

(Currently 4 Books, I’ve read 1)

Magic Potion Mystery by Heather Blake

(Currently 3 Books)

A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery Series by Molly MacRae

(Currently 5 Books)

Brenda & Effie Mystery Series by Paul Magrs

(Currently 7 Books, I’ve read 3)


Cozy (Mystery) Reads I Can’t Wait to Read


Aurora Teagarden by Charlaine Harris

(10 Books)

Bakeshop Mysteries by Ellie Alexander

(9 Books)

A Dangerous Type Mystery by Paige Shelton

(3 Books)

A Magical Bookshop Mystery by Amanda Flower

(3 Books)

16 thoughts on “TTT: Cozy (Mystery) Reads”

  1. Great list! I don’t think I’ve ever actually read a cosy mystery, and some of these paranormal ones sound so fun – The Vampire Knitting Club is going straight on my TBR.

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  2. I literally should just stalk your blog and pull up LibraryThing and copiously add to my TBRs for Cosies!! 🙂 You always seem to find the best of the best series/stories!! And, we also share the same interests for what we want to be reading so its always a nice surprise! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww! Thank you Jorie, that’s so flattering! It’s sometimes hard to find really exciting cozies partly because there are so many but also because it’s not a genre that seems to get a massive amount of promotion. I’m glad if I can point out something you end up enjoying!

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