TTT: Books You’d Mash Together


August 7: Books You’d Mash Together

Pick two books you think would make an epic story if combined.


Noteworthy + Space Opera

What if Jordan’s a cappella group, The Sharpshooters, went out into space to perform with Decibel Jones and the Absolute Zeroes in, what is basically, intergalactic Eurovision?



The Sisters Mederos + Ace of Shades

Tesara’s a pretty good card shark but I wonder how she’d fare against Levi. And, as both Vivi and Enne are persistent and determined to uncover truth’s about their families, I figure that they can bond over cocktails whist the other two are playing.



The Edge of the Abyss + To Kill a Kingdom

Cas, Swift, Lira and Elian bump into one another while sea-monster hunting/ treasure seeking?



The Dark Days Club + What Kitty Did Next

What if what Kitty actually did after the events of Pride and Prejudice was fall in with Lady Helen, Lord Carlston and the Dark Days Club? If Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was anything to go by, she’d probably be a dab hand at dispatching Deceivers before heading off to a fancy dinner.



The Glass Town Game + My Plain Jane

So My Plain Jane has Jane Eyre meet up with Charlotte and Branwell Brontë, so why not have the other (little) Brontë’s from The Glass Town Game go for a visit? They’d probably run amok but it’d be interesting to watch and I’m sure they’d love all the ghosts.

19 thoughts on “TTT: Books You’d Mash Together”

  1. These look like they’d be some dang fine reads. The dark Days Club and what Kitty Did Next sounds like it would be lots of fun, and The Sisters Mederos/ Ace of Shades too. I love that cover of Mederos…

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