Book Blogger Test Tag


Thank you so much to Destiny over at Howling Libraries for the tag!


1) Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2) Answer the questions asked on this post — don’t stress it’s quick!

3) Nominate and notify some peeps. 5 preferred.

1. What are your top 3 bookish pet peeves?

  • Stickers on covers — the ones which leave residue and the ones printed onto the cover itself.
  • Movie poster cover changes.
  • That weird type of cover texture that shows every fingerprint?

I’m hoping I understood this question correctly. Obviously there are much bigger problems in the bookish world, but I think pet peeves  implies the trival things we like to moan about not serious rep issues, bias etc.

2. Name a perfect reading spot:

Realistically? I love reading outside in the sunshine, but when that’s not an option I like our spare room (it’s my unofficial reading/writing room) or going out to a coffee shop. Dream spot? A huge bay window with padded bench looking out over a colourful, artfully-unruly garden.

3. Give 3 reading confessions:

  • I’ve bought plenty of books based purely on the cover or the online hype.
  • I dogear library books but not my own.
  • My ratings are incredibly inconsisant. Sometimes I lower GR ratings when I re-notice them later, sometimes I don’t. Even the intial rating has nothing but gut-feeling to it.

4. When was the last time you cried during a book?

Weirdly, I’ll tear up over quite a lot of books, but still not actually care about what’s happening? Like, my eyes think I’m an emotionally balanced, loving person but my brain knows I’m a stone-hearted bitch… But I remember *meaningfully* crying over both Feed by Mira Grant and The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Strutskie.

5. Number of books on your bedside table?

I don’t really do this. I usually just have my kindle or my current book next to the bed and the rest downstairs on my bookshelves.

6. Favorite reading snack?

Anything? I don’t have specific reading snacks. But I wipe my fingers, I promise!

7. What are 3 books you’d recommend to anyone?

I don’t think there’s any book that for everyone, but three books I’ve recc’ed to a lot of people are The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, The Bear and the Nightingale and Good Omens.


8. Provide a picture of your bookshelf:

Pretty basic. Loosely by colour. The one at the top is for the Discworld Collection I’m planning to get, the stack at the top-side is for library books.

9. How much do books mean to you in 3 words?

Connection and Adventure. They let you explore new worlds and experiences, or just find a character that speaks to you in a way no-one else has. Even better if you can find both in one book.

10. Biggest reading secret?

 I don’t like deckled edges – I don’t understand why they’re so beloved.



Alexa from A Thousand Worlds

Aurora from Aurora Librialis

Nicole from Book Wyrm Knits

Greg from Book Haven

Barb from Booker T’s Farm

14 thoughts on “Book Blogger Test Tag”

  1. This is a fun post; thanks for the tag!

    Though… my bookshelves are crammed full and I’m jealous of your space. I also love the idea of sorting books by color, but again… I don’t have the space for that. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My bookshelves were incredibly packed but we just moved house about 3 months ago. Just before we moved, I gave about 200 books to my local charity shop. When I first moved in the entire taller bookshelf was empty… 🙈
      I think we readers are all as bad as each other. 🤣


  2. This is so fun! Thanks for tagging me!! And ugh- stickers on covers are the worst. Same with movie cover changes- they’re almost always bad? I don’t want to look at the actor every time I look at the book lol!

    I totally buy books based on the cover sometimes (cough more than sometimes cough). I’m kinda ambivalent on deckled edges too…


    1. You’re welcome!
      Yeah, once I’ve decided I’m going to read the book before I watch the film or TV series, I really want to forget about the actors that were cast and anything else on the trailer, so that I can imagine the whole thing entirely for myself. Having the poster cover on the book kind of prevents that.
      Yay for shallow cover buyers! 😄


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