Review: The Witch Sea

witc sea

SERIES: Standalone
REPRESENTATION: Lesbian MC, FF relationship
GENRES/ SUBJECTS: Fantasy/ Fairytale, Short Story



The Witch SeaThe witch Meriel has spent her entire life in the lighthouse on tiny Bound Island. Upon the distant shore prowls an ancient sea god kept captive by a generations-old spell, a spell that Meriel alone must protect.

Meriel’s life has been lonely and unchanging–until the arrival of Nor. Nor’s shape is that of a woman, but her heart belongs to the sea. Even though Nor is also held captive by Meriel’s spell, she shows kindness to the isolated witch. Nor sparks a passion within Meriel, defying every law that binds them both.


The Witch Sea is a very, very short story — I think it’s under 40 pages, so you can probably read it in about half an hour — so I’m going to keep my review short too.

It’s a very fairytale-esque story. It has that kind of simplistic, repetitive plot which really makes it feels like you’re reading a folktale which has been passed down through bedtime stories. And the characters apart from Meriel are quite two-dimensional, but in that way that adds to the fairytale atmosphere, and make it feel like she’s the only real person in the story — which completely and perfectly fits with the situation she’s found herself in.

The language is beautiful and evocative throughout. Diemer gives such good, haunting and evocative descriptions of loneliness, duty and feelings of inevitability.

Since The Witch Sea’s so short, there really is no good reason not to read it (and it’s usually free on Amazon). It’s definitely one that’ll stick with you.

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