lsot gods

SERIES: Standalone (?)
REPRESENTATION: African/ Middle Eastern inspired world



TRIGGER WARNINGS: Deaf character killed within first few chapters to further plot.

Lost GodsIn an epic fantasy kingdom inspired by African legends, a young assassin finds himself hunted by the brothers and sisters he has trained walongside since birth.

A teenaged assassin is hunted by his own Brotherhood as he seeks to uncover a supernatural conspiracy before it’s too late

Neythan is one of five adolescents trained and raised together by a mysterious brotherhood of assassins known as the Shedaím. When Neythan is framed for the murder of his closest friend, he pursues his betrayer, and in so doing learns there’s far more to the Brotherhood, and even the world itself, than he’d ever thought possible.



I really wanted to like Lost Gods, but unfortunately, this one just didn’t really work for me.

It has a lot of potential and a really interesting concept. It’s a high fantasy centred around a secret Brotherhood of assassins, features piles of political intrigue and is set in a Middle Eastern/African-inspired world. I’m not really sure why it failed to click. I think partly it was that the author has perhaps leant too far towards exposition and explanation? There were quite a lot of scenes that didn’t seem necessary — lots of journeying, lots of seemingly irrelevant things going on — that I felt could have been cut to streamline the story. There might have been too many characters, I’m not entirely sure. I do know that while there are a couple that stood out to me, largely the characters felt rather two-dimensional and shallow. I’m not sure if having fewer characters would have allowed Yongo to go into more depth on the ones he did keep.

I still think this series (it’s not listed on Goodreads but I’m pretty sure it’s a series) has potential, and I think fans of high-fantasy might get more out of it. I sort of get the same feeling I did when people were talking about the first Song of Ice and Fire novel. I think there are so many characters, so many POV shifts, it’s hard to really get to know anyone, which makes it hard to feel any kind of investment in the political intrigue going on. I think if you were to continue with the series, and the characters got more page-time, then maybe it would become more compelling as you went along.

Unfortunately, I found myself skimming through parts of Lost Gods. It just didn’t hold my attention and it was a chore to go back to. I’m probably not going to pick up the next book in the series, but if it sounds like something that would interest you, then I recommend you give it a try because I can see the appeal.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: LOST GODS”

  1. Interesting review! I’m with you on too many POV characters, though; I find it too easy to get confused and too hard to connect with the characters. It’s a shame that happens so frequently in the first book of a high fantasy series.

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