TTT: Anthologies to Read By the Pool


June 19: Books to Read By the Pool/At the Beach (This can also serve as your summer TBR)

I always think that short story anthologies make for great beach or poolside reading. Not only do you get to discover lots of new authors (whose longer work you can hoard for the longer winter nights) but there’s lots of built-in breaks for getting ice-cream, taking a cool down swim or building a sandcastle. 

I don’t read a lot of short story anthologies but I’ve been meaning to read a lot more. For this week, I’ve got a couple of anthologies which I have enjoyed to share with you, and a few which I really want to try.

Have you read and/or enjoyed any of these? Which anthologies do you recommend?


Anthologies I Recommend

Five Enchanted Roses

WARRIOR: a collection of short stories

Into the Mystic, Volume Three


10 Anthologies I’d Like to Try

Rags & Bones: New Twists on Timeless Tales

Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys

Beyond: the Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology

To the Victor

All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages

Dangerous Women

Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women & Witchcraft 

A Tyranny of Petticoats


28 thoughts on “TTT: Anthologies to Read By the Pool”

  1. I like anthologies for the chance to try new authors, but I don’t seem to read very many. 🙂 I remember when Dangerous women came out, I wanted to get it but never did. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 And Because You Love To Hate Me looks good too.

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  2. I actually love reading anthologies because reading shorter segments is easier, and also because there are usually so many different stories that you’ll always find at least something you like, in my experience.

    I haven’t read Warrior yet because my TBR is a mess and I prefer reading ebooks lately, but I treasure my copy and I’m definitely planning to read it soon. Maybe this summer?

    Five Enchanted Roses has such a beautiful cover!!

    I enjoyed Into the Mystic Vol. 3, although it was kind of a mixed bag.

    I’ve read the sequel to Tyranny of Petticoats, it’s called The Radical Element and it’s one of my favourite anthologies ever. All the stories were so beautifully written and I loved them.


    1. Into the Mystic was definitely hit-and-miss but I loved the first and the last stories. I think it might have been stronger if it had slightly fewer, longer stories? Idk.

      Five Enchanted Roses was really unexpected. It was 0.99 so I got it on the off chance but went back and paid full price for the others in the series (I think one is Slippers and the other Spindles) but I’ve not read those yet.

      The Radical Element sounds really cool too. Once I get around to Petticoats, I look that one up as well 😄

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  3. I find the stories pretty hit and miss in them and I’d rather read a collection by a single author. I tend to only read them if I need to buy the whole thing for a story in a series I’m reading.

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  4. I always want to read anthologies, but somehow they’re always the books that I end up putting off for others. You’re so right though, they’re perfect for summer! Both Toil and Trouble and Because You Love to Hate Me have both been on my tbr for ages. I’ve never heard of A Tyranny of Petticoats though, that sounds awesome!!

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  5. I think anthologies are fun too. I remember back in college (long, long ago), I used to like to have a short story collection handy for when life got too busy to focus on a whole novel. You can dip in and out without having to remember what you read the last time. I actually just finished All Out two days ago, and Because You Love To Hate Me was fun, but I haven’t read any of the others. I’m definitely adding them all to my TBR!


  6. What a fun idea! I have a number of short story anthologies I keep meaning to read sitting on my shelf as well. These all sound good. Toil and Trouble is definitely on my wish list. And I’m looking forward to reading All Out. I hope you enjoy all of these!

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