Review: The Sisters Medros


SERIES: Tales of Port Saint Frey, #1
GENRES/ SUBJECTS: Historical Fantasy



The Sisters Mederos

Two sisters fight with manners, magic, and mayhem to reclaim their family’s name, in this captivating historical fantasy adventure.

House Mederos was once the wealthiest merchant family in Port Saint Frey. Now the family is disgraced, impoverished, and humbled by the powerful Merchants Guild. Daughters Yvienne and Tesara Mederos are determined to uncover who was behind their family’s downfall and get revenge. But Tesara has a secret – could it have been her wild magic that caused the storm that destroyed the family’s merchant fleet? The sisters’ schemes quickly get out of hand – gambling is one thing, but robbing people is another…

Together the sisters must trust each another to keep their secrets and save their family.

mederosThis is definitely a character-driven story. I really loved the two sisters, Tesara and Yvienne. They were definitely the stars of the show. I love the differences between them, their relationship and the way that they help each other out throughout the story. I thought the secondary characters were far less developed, and although the world-building had a lot of potential it just missed something for me personally.

The pacing seemed a little off in places. It drags in some areas that maybe didn’t need it, and then things that should be fairly major — things like Vivi becoming a masked bandit, or the revelation of the real reasons for the Mederos’ downfall — were wrapped up very quickly, especially considering how big of a deal they had been in the plot. In a related point, the discovery of the conspiracy — and even the girls’ successes as bandit and card shark — seemed awfully easy for two young women who were raised away in an isolated school. They never really seemed to struggle or come up against any particular challenges. I think I would have enjoyed this book more if there had been more of the action promised in the premise — the robberies, spying, and danger.

All of that said though I did really enjoy The Sisters Mederos, I read it in big chunks, and was never reluctant about picking it back up. It’s pretty fast-paced, with lots going on with plenty of parties deception and family squabbles. I had originally thought that The Sisters Mederos was a standalone, but it appears to be the first in a series. I thought this book wrapped up pretty well, so I’m not entirely sure I’d pick up the other books that’ll be coming out. I’ll have to wait and see what the summaries for those and decide from there.

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      1. True, that is one danger of sticking to one genre for a period of time! I had that issue with paranormal romances for a while. I think that’s why I’m so completely off that genre right now… I got overloaded by too much of the same.

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